Friday, 10 January 2014

Flashback Friday - Our First New Year as Four

It was the New Year of 2010. Christmas had passed by in a blur of wrapping paper, sweetie wrappers and cardboard boxes. I was on maternity leave so I wasn't having to worry about going back to work as soon as the first week of January arrived. However, Husband was out of work and it was pretty stressful.

We were celebrating our first New Year as a family of four and that had to keep us going. New Year finally meant the Christmas season was over, places were opening again and workers were back to work. As soon as he could, Husband started looking for work. He applied for everything and anything he could, even the crappy jobs - quite literally, he applied to work in the sewers.

I don't remember which date it was in January, however, by the end of the month he had a new job. The pay wasn't great. Husband, being a engineer, was used to earning a very good salary with shift allowance due to working long hours and night shift. However, we were happy that he had been offered a job that would, after a few months, lead to shift work and some extra cash. I admire Husband for being the sort of person who would take any job just to make sure he was working and earning money himself.

2010 had looked like it was going to be a hard year for us from the start. It was particularly easy at first, but at least we were able to pay our bills and put food on the table. Wee Z and Miss C are at the heart of everything we do, and if it means we go without, then that's what happens.

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