Friday, 10 January 2014

Sibling Moments #1

There is 1 year and 361 days between Wee Z and Miss C. As a toddler and baby, they were quite close and they enjoyed each others company. Wee Z didn't mind sharing his toys with Miss C and she loved watching him play with hers and showing her how they worked. If he built a tower out of bricks and Miss C knocked it over, he didn't go mad at her, he laughed and made it a game which made Miss C laugh those infectious baby belly giggles.

It was inevitable though, as Miss C grew into a toddler and wanted to do things her way, they would start to bicker. In his group of friends, Wee Z is often the one organising the teams or the game or showing people what to do. In other words, he's a bit bossy. Miss C, being a girl, likes to have things her way and can be a bit stubborn. Bossy and stubborn together makes for quite a headache for Daddy and I.

But then there are times when they are so sweet to each other. Sometimes Miss C will wake in the morning, open her door and, instead of coming in for Husband or I, she'll go to Wee Z's room and he'll invite her to climb in to his bed and they'll have a cuddle. Wee Z will play with Miss C and help her carry her toys to the living room from her bedroom. He'll read her a book or try to teach her something, like how to write the letters from the alphabet.

Of course, I love my children unconditionally, but it's times like those, when they are being so thoughtful of each other and getting along that my heart swells to the point of bursting. I'm so glad they have each other and, whilst sometimes they drive each other crazy, I hope they realise that they have a friend for life in their sibling.

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