Sunday, 5 January 2014

The Highs and Lows of 2013

In January, I set myself the goal of appreciating my children more. I felt in some ways I achieved that but I know I could do more. I make sure I spend time with Wee Z when he comes in from school, watching him do his homework. Miss C and I have afternoons together when I come in from work or when she finishes nursery and we read books or go to the park if the weather permits. When I'm not working late, I put the kids to bed and I read a book with each of them. I will continue to do this in 2014 and even more so when Miss C starts school in August.

In February, Husband started a new job. It has much better prospects, hours and pay. The hours are long and demanding but he does what he has to do for his family and I admire him and respect him so much for that. February also brought home how lucky we are. How we should appreciate every single thing in our family, because you never know what is around the corner. This is the month that the beautiful Matilda Mae went to sleep with the angels. This was the month that made me realise that we should never take life for granted. If my girl wants to paint for just five minutes - let her. We must live every day to the fullest. We must get rid of the negative and look to the positive. Live. Laugh. Love.

In March, we decided to book a holiday to Disneyland Paris. Our last family holiday was in 2011 and after some tough times, we decided a family holiday was long overdue. We couldn't wait to go.

In April, the kids started swimming lessons. We had been wanting to send them to lessons for awhile and finally we were able to book them in. Miss C started off a bit shaky but she has progressed so much in the last 8 months. She now swims independently on her front and back, above and below water. Wee Z achieved three of his swimming badges and can swim the breaststroke, backstroke and front crawl above and below water. Such an important life skill. I'm so proud of them both.

In May, we celebrated Miss C's fourth birthday. We had a party at home and we booked the local owl display company to bring along some of their owls, including Miss C's favourite; Honey. It was a really fun day. A few days later, we had the heartbreak of having to put our beautiful cat Casper to sleep as he had been poisoned.

At the beginning of June, Wee Z turned six. We had a fun day out for his birthday with two of his friends. We went to soft play and then had pizza for lunch. The boys were great and so well behaved too. It was so funny to watch Wee Z having banter with his friends and how they bounced off one another. More heartbreak followed a few days later when we had to put our cat Rocky to sleep as he too had been poisoned.

In July, we started our Summer holidays. What a Summer it was. I remember we had to drive around the shops to try and find a new paddling pool when ours burst. We ended up coming home with an eight foot pool. It was huge. The kids loved it. By day we lay on our sun loungers, enjoying the sunshine and the pool and by night, Husband and I would sit outside with the chimnea burning away.

In August, it was time for the kids to go back to school and nursery. Wee Z started Primary 2/3 and Miss C started nursery 5 mornings. We took part in a fun project where we had to hatch our own butterflies which the kids loved. It was such a fun activity.

In September, Husband bought me my first DSLR camera. I was so excited. I love taking photos. I was the kid who constantly had a disposable camera at school. We took a day trip to Cameron House and I couldn't wait to take pictures of the hotel and the Loch and the kids.

In October, we finally got to go on our holiday to Disneyland. It was a fun holiday despite the illness and the weather. Miss C was in her element. She had the best time out of all of us I think.

November saw the start of the really cold mornings. The dark mornings and darker evenings always get me excited for Christmas coming.

December was probably the quickest month of the year for me. It was filled with nativities, Christmas shopping, visits from family and, of course, Christmas itself. We had a fantastic Christmas Day. Probably our best as a family of four so far.

I wonder what 2014 will hold for us?!

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