Monday, 27 January 2014

What's the Story? #19

This is a photo of me, taken in my Gran's living room. I must have been about a year old here. The dog I'm sitting on was one of those dogs on wheels with the handle bar at the back to push him along. Nothing like the baby walkers we have these days!

The thing I'm really remembering in this photo though is the glass cabinet behind me. You can't see the full size of it but it was huge and filled with fragile beauties. China sets, ornaments, glasses, Swarovski animals and Faberge eggs. My Gran must have had a panic attack every time I toddled past the cabinet.

As we grew up, we became more fascinated with the contents of the cabinet. In particular we loved the Faberge eggs and when my Gran passed away, my Sister inherited a beautiful basket filled with mini Faberge eggs.

My Gran collected lots of things that weren't on display in her cabinet. She had a chest of drawers in her bedroom where two or three of the drawers were filled with jewellery. She kept them all in their original boxes. We loved sitting in her room, trying on rings and necklaces. When she passed away, I inherited some of her gold rings which I will pass on to Miss C when she's old enough to look after them.

Gran also had a cupboard filled with Hush Puppies shoes. There were other brands too but she did have quite the Hush Puppies collection. She even had a stuffed toy Hush Puppies dog that I adopted for myself. All the shoes were kept in their original boxes. There were practical loafers, smart shoes for Church and I'll never forget her red sandals.

The last thing that Gran loved to collect was salt and pepper shakers. She had loads of them and they were kept in the front room. There were animal ones, fun ones, character ones and pretty ones. I think Mum sold those or donated them to charity when Gran passed away. I remember my Sister and I broke a few and Gran was not impressed.

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