Sunday, 9 February 2014

The Week That Was #5

Last Sunday, we took Miss C for her first horse riding lesson. She loved it and can't wait to go back. We went for lunch at McDonalds and did some car window shopping. The kids had their new swimming lessons. Miss C did brilliant in her new class and Wee Z enjoyed being in the big pool for his lesson. He even got to jump in at the very deep end of the pool!

On Monday, it was back to school and nursery for the kids and back to work for me. When I got home, Miss C had been enjoying some snacks in bed whilst watching TV. Night shift is so hard for Husband when he has to watch Miss C before I get home from work. I wish we could afford childcare costs to help him out but it's just not an option so poor Husband survives his 13 hour shift on 4 hours sleep.

On Tuesday, when I got home from work, I had my lunch and then did my workout DVD. We picked Wee Z up from his after-school club and then Miss C started her Reading Eggs course (that we are reviewing) on the Kurio. She learned the M and S sounds. She definitely knows more than she lets on to us. She really enjoyed working through the games.

On Wednesday, Miss C wanted to play more games on Reading Eggs. She usually isn't bothered with numbers or letters so I was happy to hear she wanted to practise. She was very quickly putting a sentence in order! Amazing! We had a quiet afternoon when Wee Z came home.

On Thursday, it was my day off. I had an appointment at the Doctors to get my blood pressure checked. It was fine even though I'm really stressed out at the moment. I've to have a cholesterol test next time I visit which I'm a bit nervous of. There is a history of heart disease on my maternal side and having started to get slight pains in my chest and breathlessness, I think I'll have to suck up my fears and get on with it. Better to be safe! After my appointment, Miss C and I went into town. We got a Greggs for lunch and then did some shopping. We took Wee Z to karate after dinner. Miss C has decided she doesn't want to go back to karate. She prefers horse riding!

On Friday, the kids were off school for the February holidays. I think they've been back 4 weeks?! We went shopping to Asda in the morning and the kids had a great time helping me get fruit and vegetables and weighing them for me. After lunch, we headed down to the park as it was such a nice day. I even managed to hang my washing out! We met up with Wee Z's best friend and they played football with another boy from school whilst Miss C had me helping her on the zip-slide. We were covered in mud when we got home and we were freezing. We had a quick wash, got jammies on and had pizza for dinner. Wee Z went to his Friday club with his best friend. He didn't wear his jammies though!

On Saturday, I was working until 2pm. When I got home, Husband had made me a toastie and cup of coffee which I really needed. We went DIY shopping afterwards (not my idea of fun shopping) as we're going to be building some wardrobes in our room. Well, I say we, I mean Husband. The kids enjoyed watching Stitch The Movie after dinner with Wee Z going as far as saying it was better than Lilo and Stitch. I love Disney films but the sequels are never better than the originals...well, maybe Toy Story could be the exception...

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