Sunday, 23 February 2014

The Week That Was #7

Last Sunday, Miss C had a horse riding lesson. She was so excited to see Jokey again and she got to ride him again. She did really well and tried hard on her "up, down". We came home and had pancakes for lunch. The kids spent the afternoon playing whilst I got on with the ironing and Husband got on with the decorating. I took the kids to their swimming lessons and we came home to chicken curry for tea.

On Monday, after a routine GP appointment, I ended up at A&E. It was a scary ordeal. Thankfully, Husband was at home, off work to decorate, and he was able to look after the kids. It's at times like these, I wish we lived closer to family.

On Tuesday, after more blood tests, I left hospital still no further forward but with lots of pills to take. I decided to stay off work for a few days to recover. Husband carried on with the decorating and Miss C and I watched TV and played with her toys. Wee Z had his after-school club and I took a walk down to the school to collect him. There's only so much sitting about a Mum can do!

On Wednesday, I woke up feeling a bit better. I took the kids to school and nursery and came home to chill out for a bit. By lunch time, I was ready for a nap and I fell asleep on the couch after lunch with Miss C. I woke up in time to pick up Wee Z and felt drained by the time I got to school. Some of the pills I have to take have an "excessive tiredness" side effect. As if I'm not already tired enough as a Mum!

On Thursday, it was a miserable day. I dropped the kids off at school and nursery and came home to get showered. Husband was busy with more decorating and managed to finish the hall and put my new curtains up. I walked to get Miss C as I really needed some fresh air and, thankfully, the rain was holding off. We spent the afternoon in my bed watching TV as I was so tired. It was raining when I had to pick Wee Z up so I took the car. We had a dentist appointment and we were all given the thumbs up from our dentist - thank goodness!

On Friday, I dropped the kids off at school and nursery and headed to the supermarket to get my shopping. It was another horrid and windy day! I picked Miss C up from nursery, we had lunch and then we chilled on the couch for the day. I walked to pick up Wee Z as I needed some air. Thankfully the rain held off for us. Husband carried on with the decorating and managed to get most of Wee Z's room done.

On Saturday, I went back to work. I was exhausted throughout my shift and felt really unwell but I think that may be the tablets I'm taking and if they are for life, I'll just have to accept them and get on with things. After work, I came home and collected Wee Z to take him to his best friend's birthday party. They were going bowling. I decided to stay and help out, not that the boys needed any assistance. They had a great time and all got on great. No one was fighting or messing about and we didn't have to tell them off once. Wee Z came second at bowling and really enjoyed himself.

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