Monday, 31 March 2014

What's The Story? #24

This is a photo of my Mum and I. I must be about 5 or 6 in this photo which makes my Mum the same age as I am now. The reason I decided to share this photo is because it is my Mum's birthday today. This photo is about 23 years old. How scary is that? 

I was a lot closer to my Gran when I was growing up than I was to my Mum. I don't know why that was though. Maybe because my Gran would let us get away with things my Mum wouldn't and I've never been one to enjoy being told what to do, even now.

On days like today, it's hard to be 250 miles away. I'd love to be able to take her card and gifts to her house and spend her birthday with her and I know the kids would love to see her more often. However, because of this, we are much closer these days. We don't take each other for granted...or I don't take her for granted and my Mum doesn't resent me for taking her for granted. When we see each other, it isn't for long so we appreciate that time together.

Happy Birthday Mum. Hope you have a fantastic day.

Me & Mine #3

Right, this year is really going in far too fast. It doesn't seem like a month ago since I posted our last "Me & Mine" photo but it is. It's April tomorrow!!

We took this month's photo a few weeks ago, when we took a trip to our local Country Park. I thought these steps were the perfect place to have some photos taken. Can you imagine a wedding photo here? So pretty!

This month I've been enjoying seeing Miss C really come on at horse riding. She absolutely loves it. As she only goes once a fortnight, it can get pretty exhausting her asking, "how many sleeps til I can see Jokey?" However, it is nice to see her excited about something she enjoys. I've had a great time on days and nights out this month with friends, old and new. Seeing more sunshine has also cheered me up! I love the lighter mornings and evenings.

Husband has been working hard (as always!) and is enjoying doing his Direct Access Motorbike course. This course, once he passes, enables him to ride without L-plates and ride bikes with a bigger engine. He's so excited about passing, he's already bought his new bike; a Suzuki Bandit.

Wee Z has been making us proud parents yet again. First off, he got his green belt at Karate and then he got his Platinum award at school. He works so hard when he knows he has to apply himself to something, which I love, but he also knows how to just be a boy and have fun when he's playing, which I love too.

Miss C has been loving her horse riding and getting her riding hat. She is also loving the trampoline being back up in the garden and is on it whenever she can get on it. She is definitely a fair-weather girl.

dear beautiful

Sunday, 30 March 2014

The Week That Was #12

Last Sunday, I spent the day cleaning and ironing whilst Husband built the trampoline for the kids. Miss C had a birthday party to attend in the afternoon for a boy from nursery. She had a great time bouncing on the bouncy castle and having her face painted. I had to wipe it all off before swimming lessons!

On Monday, it was back to school and nursery and back to work for me. When I got home, I had lunch whilst Miss C played with her Playmobil toys. It was a lovely day so we walked to school to pick up Wee Z. After his homework, the kids played outside on the trampoline until dinner time.

On Tuesday, Miss C and I played Doc McStuffins Memory game when I got home from work. We picked Wee Z up and got home just before the heavens opened! We did see a rainbow which was lovely and had us singing the "rainbow song". A friend popped over after dinner and we had a catch up whilst Wee Z and Miss C played on the trampoline.

On Wednesday, the sun was out again. Miss C was playing with her friend when I got home from work. They had a great time jumping on the trampoline together. We picked Wee Z up from school and they had fun running around the playground with their friends and playing on the assault course. I can't get over how much energy they have when they come out of school! 

On Thursday, I picked Miss C up from a friend's house after work and we came home for her to play with her Playmobil horses and for me to eat some lunch. It was another nice day but as we picked up Wee Z from school, it started to turn blustery and grey. We ran home to avoid getting soaked. After dinner, it brightened up again and the kids play outside with their friends from next door.

On Friday, I went to pick Miss C up from nursery only to discover she was not there. I got the fright of my life when a teacher said she had gone. Thankfully, she meant she had gone outside with her Gran, who works in the nursery, to watch Wee Z and his classmates "Soak A Teacher" to raise money for charity. I had brought my MIL her Mother's Day gift so it was great Wee Z was there to give it to her with Miss C. After lunch, I got my nails done and I had my eyebrows threaded. It was the weirdest sensation ever but much better than waxing. After school, we went in to town to get Wee Z a haircut and to pick up some Percy Pigs from M&S.

On Saturday, Husband was up early for the second day of his Direct Access Motorbike course. I got up at 9am and we had breakfast and cleaned the house. Wee Z went to karate with his best friend whilst Miss C and I stayed at home and made chili for tea. After dinner, we got ready for a 40th birthday party at a friend's house. The kids were really excited to be outside after dark for a party! We had a great time and laughed a lot!

Silent Sunday #13

Saturday, 29 March 2014

365 Project Days 75 - 88

Day 75 - A bit of horsey bling on Miss C's riding hat
Day 76 - Running through the forest
Day 77 - Husband's new bike
Day 78 - My selfie for the Cancer Research awareness selfies
Day 79 - Playing Spooky Steps from Orchard Toys
Day 80 - Such a gorgeous girl, my Miss C
Day 81 - A trip to Krispy Kreme

Day 82 - Pudding!
Day 83 - Miss C playing Maths Seeds
Day 84 - A game of Doc McStuffins Memory
Day 85 - Walking to school
Day 86 - I can't sleep!
Day 87 - All ready for watching Lady and the Tramp
Day 88 - A game of Three Little Pigs from Orchard Toys

Playing TAG! #CountryKids

Miss C loves to play TAG!
She starts running as fast as she can
As she knows when I begin counting
I'm coming to TAG her on the hand

5 4 3 2 1
Ready or not 
Here I...

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Friday, 28 March 2014

Flashback Friday - A New Baby

My cousin gave birth to a beautiful little boy on Wednesday. He was two weeks early, weighing just 5lbs 7oz. He hasn't got a name yet but I always think a baby name is such an important decision and sometimes you just need to see your baby to see what name suits. I know we had to do that with Wee Z. Miss C suited her name as soon as we saw her.

The brood has grown to six great-grandchildren in our family now. I can see it expanding even more in the future (although there won't be any new babies in our house!) We have three boys and three girls. I can't wait to see them all growing up together. There are 6 grand-daughters in my family so adding some boys in to the mix shall be interesting.

My cousin's baby arriving had me thinking about the last new baby in our family. Miss Baby K, my niece. She's no longer a baby, she's almost three now! I think I'll have to refer to her as Miss K from now on.

I remember when we drove down to Manchester to meet her for the first time. It was on the day that Prince William and Kate Middleton got married! Miss K got a mixed reception from the family:

I was completely besotted and ready to take her home with me

Wee Z wasn't so sure about his cousin but he had a cuddle

Miss C had a poke at her and then stayed well away incase she stole her brownie from her

Husband was glad of a baby he could cuddle and then hand back, after a good winding session

I love looking back at old baby photos of the kids and it's so exciting to be able to see photos of a brand new life in the family too. I can't wait to meet our new baby in our growing family!

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Easter Gift Eggs From Playmobil - Review

Miss C was really excited when she saw a package had arrived from Playmobil for a Playologist assignment. Miss C adores her Playmobil and I'm constantly finding little animals, especially horses, in various parts of the house.

Playmobil sent us some of their Gift Eggs to review in time for Easter coming up. These are a bit different from your usual chocolate Easter Egg!

Miss C managed to open the first one easily and proceeded to put together her flower fairy with enchanted tree set. She did it all by herself. She then decided she was going to open the other egg which was intended for Wee Z and construct a glider complete with a Playmobil figurine Spy! She was straight upstairs to her room to introduce her new friends to the rest of the Playmobil gang. Within minutes, there was a glider parked in the Pony Farm and a Spy and a Fairy riding horses bareback across the carpet!

There are four different eggs to collect with each egg containing a different playset. As well as the Fairy and Spy eggs, there is a biker and motorbike and an animal playset. Guess which one Miss C wants next? You don't have to play "guess what's in the egg?!" though as the egg comes in a sleeve with a picture of what is inside the egg on the front. Handy if you are collecting them so you don't get any duplicates and the sleeve could easily be removed before giving it to your child if you wanted to keep the surprise element.

A Playmobil Gift Egg costs around £5.99 which I thought was a good price for the size of set you get and much healthier than a chocolate Easter egg. I know Miss C would prefer a Playmobil egg over a chocolate egg any day. The Gift Eggs would also be perfect as prizes for Easter Egg hunts or in an Easter gift bag.

We received two Gift Eggs for the purposes of a review as we are Playmobil Playologists. The opinions expressed are my own.

Spring Fashion from Vertbaudet - Review

The Vertbaudet catalogue is one of the few catalogues I really love looking through and I always find plenty of things I want to buy for the kids. The current Spring collection is no exception, with plenty of gorgeous dresses for Miss C and cool t-shirts and jeans for Wee Z.

Miss C was very lucky to receive some of the new Spring collection from Vertbaudet to review. Here's what she got:

Heart Print Blouse - (from £17) Such a sweet top that would look really pretty with a pair of leggings and sandals in the Summer and with a cardigan on top in the Spring. It's made from 100% cotton voile.

Playsuit - (from £22) This all in one playsuit is just perfect for a day at the beach. It's light and soft so it will keep Miss C cool and the elasticated edging means she can get it on and off herself. I love the cute frills around the neckline and the little pockets for keeping pennies for ice cream in. It's made from 95% cotton and 5% elastane.

Happy Price T-Shirts (from £9) and Leggings (from £11) - The Happy Price range is an excellent option for stocking up on essentials. The T-Shirt in the picture comes in a pack of 3, with a different colour and motif on each t-shirt. There are six combo packs to choose from so you'll definitely find something to suit your little one. The Happy Price stretch leggings come in packs of two and again, there are six combo packs of colours to choose from. These packs cost less than £10 and can be mixed and matched to create an outfit. A simple T-Shirt and leggings combo is perfect for a day at the park or playing outside in the garden.

Dress, Leggings and Bolero Set - (from £27) One of the things I love about Vertbaudet is the way in which they create outfits that can be worn in more than one way. Some of their dresses have buttons which transforms the dress into a top whilst their jeans can be made into shorts. This set is a fine example of how you can buy an outfit with three key pieces and combine them with other things to make a whole new outfit. The leggings could be worn with a simple T-Shirt from the Happy Price range. The dress could be worn on it's own on a hot Summer's day or with tights for a party with the bolero on top. The dress and leggings are easy to slip on so Miss C can practise dressing herself and the bolero attaches on to buttons on the dress. These are nice and chunky so Miss C can do them herself. This set comes in three different colours; pink, olive and grey-lilac.

Here's Miss C modelling the set:

Each of the items we received were really well made and of good quality. Most of their items are made from cotton. Each item washed really well and held its shape after drying and ironing. Kids may grow out of their clothes fast however, I still want the quality to be good and durable as I'd spend more on replacing cheaper clothes that rip after a playing session outside or that fade or bauble after the first wash.

The only thing I have found with Vertbaudet clothing is that some of their items come up a bit small for the age you need. Miss C was wearing age 5 leggings and they were a bit short for her. Now Miss C isn't tall; she's still in age 3-4 clothing for most retailers so it's worth keeping sizing in mind if you do make a purchase from Vertbaudet. Of course, they have a handy size chart on their website and the option to return or exchange free of charge!

Right now they have a fantastic sale on so if you're looking to stock up on Spring and Summer clothing, get over there and have a nosy!

We received these items of clothing for the purposes of a review. The opinions expressed are my own.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Sport #TheGallery

The theme for this week's Photo Gallery is a tribute to the hard work of Mummy Barrow, Mammasaurus, Alexander Residence and all the fantastic bloggers who took part in the Team Honk Relay to raise money for Sport Relief. An amazing job was done by all and they managed to raise over £30000! What an achievement!

Therefore the theme is Sport.

Wee Z is the sportsman in our household. His sport is Karate.

He started going to Karate when he was four. At first he was a bit lacking in motivation to go but as he achieved his yellow belt and then his orange belt and he was invited to join the Junior Elite Squad, he started to really enjoy going to Karate.

He's attended quite a few competitions now and has come second on more than one occasion. He has it in him to win; he just needs to keep focused and stop trying to be fancy, like some of the older boys.

Karate is also an excellent discipline for him to learn. He knows how to stick up for himself and his friends. He knows that he needs to work hard and practise at home if he wants to get his belts. Karate is teaching him about respect for others. It is also keeping him fit.

Wee Z recently got his green belt and has his first competition as a green belt in a few weeks. We're keeping everything crossed for him. He really does love his Sport.

Monday, 24 March 2014

The Platinum Award

On Friday, Wee Z came home with his sticker to say he had achieved his platinum award at school. We are super proud of him!

The reward system at school is achieving stars. These can be achieved through good behaviour, good work, doing homework on time and so on. After a child has achieved a certain number of stars, they get a bronze award and work up towards the diamond award.

Wee Z is now on route to achieving his diamond award which is 1000 stars. He is currently on 764 so he only needs 236 stars before the end of term. I think a huge treat will be in store if he achieves it but either way, we are so proud of how well our boy does at school. Long may it continue!

Sunday, 23 March 2014

The Week That Was #11

Last Sunday, it was horse riding week for Miss C. She did brilliantly, especially with her up and downs. One of the girls got thrown off her horse but Miss C didn't seem phased by it. The girl was OK and got straight back on her horse which is just what you have to do. After lunch, we went to a local riding shop and bought Miss C her first riding hat. She can't wait to wear it to her next lesson.

On Monday, it was back to school and nursery. I picked Miss C up from nursery and we came home and had lunch. We spent the afternoon in the house as it was too cold and miserable to go anywhere. Thankfully the rain went off in time for the school run so we did manage to get a walk.

On Tuesday, Miss C decided she wanted to wear her horse riding hat around the house. She even had her horse out to play. She really does love horses! I received some lovely Maw Broon's goodies in the post as Mother's Day treat. I never really knew about the Broons but my Dad used to read the books all the time. I ate up all of the fudge in the package quite quickly though. It was yummy!

On Wednesday, it was another miserable day but we managed to get to the shops and do the school run without getting wet! Miss C wanted to play with her Playmobil swimming pool which she loves. We also took lots of selfies and posted them on Facebook as well as donating money to cancer research. Some people might not agree with all the make-up free selfies but, they certainly have got people talking and donating! I received a lovely treat in the post from The Memoryfoam Warehouse which was really nice of them as they'd seen I hadn't been feeling well on Twitter.

On Thursday, I was helping out at nursery. Miss C loves when I help at nursery. I don't help out often as I don't always have time but it's fun when I can. It's great to see what Miss C gets up to, who she plays with and what she learns. I've seen a big improvement in her counting and writing skills this year. After nursery, Miss C and I went home to have lunch and play. Wee Z had karate after dinner and he wore his green belt for the first time!

On Friday, I picked Miss C up from nursery and we spent the afternoon playing with her Playmobil and watching TV. We picked Wee Z up from school and took the car to get washed as it was really mucky! Of course, it started raining an hour after I'd had it washed. Typical! Husband sat his motorbike theory test today and I'm pleased to say he passed! Wee Z also got his platinum award at school so it was a good day for both of my boys!

On Saturday, I had to work in the morning. When I came home, we decided to take a road trip to Edinburgh for some Krispy Kreme doughnuts and to go to Harvey Nichols on a Louboutin hunt. We stopped off at Krispy Kreme first and Wee Z and I went in to choose some doughnuts. We don't have a Krispy Kreme near us so we went OTT and bought 24 doughnuts! Then we headed over to my cousin's house as it was her baby shower. She's due in two weeks time but she really could go any time now. It was lovely to catch up with the family as we hadn't seen each other in awhile. We went to the shops but I couldn't get shoes in my size so we headed to a restaurant for dinner and then came home. It was a fun day and great to be a little bit spontaneous!

Silent Sunday #12

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Running Through the Wind #CountryKids

Running in the wind
Can be a tough affair
It can make you move slower
And it messes up your hair

When the wind is behind you
You feel like you can fly
Running in the wind is like
Soaring through the sky

The wind has been a-blowing
Pretty much all week
The sun we saw recently
Is playing hide and seek
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall 

Friday, 21 March 2014

Flashback Friday - The First Bike

It was around this time last year that Husband showed up at the country park where Wee Z, Miss C and I were meeting a friend to show us his new bike.

A proper motorbike.

He was really excited about it because, for the few months before he got the bike, he was riding on a 50cc scooter. I think the turning point was when he came out of the local supermarket, dressed in his leathers and carrying his helmet, and a few girls looked over at him and smiled. Husband was enjoying the attention until they saw him climb on to the scooter and they started laughing. The bike arrived not long after that!

I'm not a motorbike fan; I prefer four wheels. But the motorbike was certainly a lot nicer to look at than the bright green scooter.

The kids loved it! Wee Z was straight on to the bike to have a shot.

To be able to ride the motorbike, Husband had to sit his CBT test. When he passed the test, it meant he was able to ride bikes with an engine size of up to 125cc.

Today he sits his theory test and hazard perception test so he can start his lessons and sit his test to ride BIG bikes. Bikes with engines over 600cc.

We're keeping everything crossed for him as he's already bought his new bike but can't ride it until he passes!

Good luck Husband!

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Me & You #3

Husband and I whilst out for a walk with the kids on a miserable but dry Saturday afternoon.

It's hard when you both work to try and find time to do things together as a family. The kids and I do things and the kids and Husband do things but it's not very often that we're all together in the house at the same time. That's why the time we do have together as a family is really important and we make the most of it.

It was a miserable day the day we took this photo but it was dry and we headed out to the park for a really long walk. I took my big camera with me. 

You can see Miss C's leg in the background of this picture. The kids were jumping in muddy puddles whilst Husband and I posed together. I had taken the tripod to the park too so I could take this picture and our Me & Mine photo.

We had a brilliant time together. Husband and I walked along holding hands, the kids running ahead and then he'd help the kids whilst I snapped away.

By the time we got home, we were exhausted. I made the dinner and the kids had a bath. Husband put the kids to bed and we fell on to the couch and watched some TV together.

We make a great team, Husband and I.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Adventure #TheGallery

The year was probably 1994 or 1995. The adventure? A bus trip from Mexico City to the borders of Texas and then a train ride to the amazing California.

You may or may not know that my Sister and I spent the best part of our childhood living abroad. One of those places was the beautiful yet bustling city of Mexico. My Stepdad is Mexican so, when he and my Mum got together, it was inevitable that we would at least visit the city. We ended up staying there for 4, maybe 5 years. It was amazing.

Our family stayed in Scotland and one year, my Dad travelled over to Mexico with his girlfriend (before she became my Stepmum and had my youngest Sister) and arranged to take us to Disneyland in California.

We were travelling by bus to Texas and then getting on a train to California. The bus drive was OK. It was long and tiring. Thinking about how my two travel in a car to see Bella and Pops, I don't know how my Dad managed with my Sister and I, but we arrived there in one piece and still talking.

The train was more fun than the bus. It had two levels and it was a treat to sit at the top and watch the sandy parts of Texas speed passed. By the time we got to California, we were exhausted and glad to get to our hotel. It was going to be a busy holiday as we were also visiting Sea World and Hollywood.

One day we went to the Grand Canyon and this is a photo we took. It's amazing to see in person. It stretches on for miles and it's really quite deep. I wouldn't like to get too close to the edge! I remember my Dad sitting right on the edge of one of the cliffs and us shouting at him to come back up before he fell off!

After an amazing two weeks, we were back on the train and then back on the bus to Mexico. I think my Dad stayed for a few more days so he could see where we lived and what we got up to. We were sad to see him go but he had given us an adventure to remember!

Monday, 17 March 2014

A Green Belt and A Riding Hat

This weekend has seen two exciting things happen in our house.

The first happened on Saturday when Wee Z got his green belt at karate. There was a time when Wee Z didn't want to go to karate and he would moan every week when we asked him to get ready. Now, he loves karate. I think it helps that he has his best friend there to keep him company and he's made a few new friends there too. He has a competition in a few weeks time and then a karate camp in the Easter holidays and he is looking forward to going to both!

The second happened on Sunday. Miss C had a brilliant lesson at horse riding. She's really mastered her up and downs. We decided to reward her hard work by buying her her first riding hat. She picked out the purple cover herself. I'm just hoping it fits her for riding is not a cheap hobby!

Sunday, 16 March 2014

The Week That Was #10

Last Sunday, I got up and cleaned the house. Husband went outside with the kids to clean out his hut. The rain was looming but the kids had fun running around the garden and sitting beside the chimnea as Husband was burning some wood. We went to swimming lessons and then came home to spaghetti and meatballs for tea.

On Monday, it was back to school and nursery for the kids. After lunch, Miss C and I walked over to a friend's house. Miss C and my friend's little one played together whilst the Mums enjoyed a cuppa and a biscuit or two. It was a lovely day and it was so good to get out walking and enjoying the fresh air.

On Tuesday, Miss C and I went over to a friend's house after lunch. We had a good chat and my friend showed me some of the videos they took from a recent holiday, which got me excited about our big holiday we've planned. It was another lovely, sunny day and the kids played out in the garden with some friends.

On Wednesday, I had an appointment in the morning which could lead to another exciting opportunity in our lives. I picked Miss C up from nursery and we spent the afternoon doing jigsaws and playing with Playmobil.

On Thursday, the weather changed. Miss C and I spent the day in the house, playing and watching some TV. When Wee Z came home, they wanted to make some origami and play bingo!

On Friday, Miss C and I spent the afternoon baking a yummy banana cake. It tasted delicious. Wee Z had his karate class after dinner so I took him to that and nipped in to see a friend whilst waiting for his class to finish.

On Saturday, we had a very busy day. The kids and I went to visit a friend and her little boy. The kids had a great time playing with his toys! Then it was off to karate for Wee Z where he got his green belt! After karate, we were heading in to the city centre with a few friends and their son. They had invited Wee Z to come and see the World Cup trophy with them so Husband, Miss C and I did some window shopping. We got home at tea time and just in time for our neighbours to arrive for our take-away night. The kids loved staying up late and eating yummy Chinese food whilst watching The Cube!

Styling Husband with Debenhams #LOVEDENIM

The lovely Katie from Mummy Daddy Me is hosting a fantastic giveaway where a lucky blogger will win £500 in Debenhams vouchers to be shared between themselves and their partner. I am a huge fan of Debenhams! I love their clothing, shoes and all the bits in between, so we definitely wouldn't be stuck for choice on what to spend the vouchers on.

The challenge is to come up with two mood boards on how you'd style your other half. One look has to be for a gig and the other has to be for a dinner date featuring denim from the range at Debenhams.

I think Husband dresses quite well. He likes to be casual and comfortable during the day however, he likes to make the effort when we go out and will often wear a full suit complete with tie to match a colour on my outfit. It's fun to be colour co-ordinated when we go out!

The last time we were out for a night out together was Husband's birthday. He went for the smart yet casual look with his favourite pair of jeans and a black shirt with white strip through it.

Here's the first look I've gone for, a simple yet stylish look for a gig:

For a gig Look

1. JEANS; Husband is a huge fan of Levi's 501. Apparently they fit like no other jean out there and are really comfortable. I think he looks good in any pair of jeans but you can't deny the quality of a pair of 501s. They are expensive but you definitely get your money's worth as they can be worn together with a casual t-shirt, a jumper or a smart shirt.

2. V-NECK T-SHIRT; Husband isn't a fan of t-shirts with prints unless it's something really funky. Most days he's happy wearing a v-neck t-shirt in white, black or grey. I think white looks better on him as he's got a good skin tone for wearing white. V-necks are also quite sexy on a man.

3. LEATHER JACKET; I love a leather jacket and with Husband being a bit of a biker, this Racing Green Bexington leather jacket would be perfect for him. It's stylish and cool. A leather jacket can be worn with pretty much any look so, as well as wearing it for a gig, he could wear it on our dinner date. That way I can wear it on the way home when it's getting cold and we're enjoying a late-night kebab!

4. TRAINERS; Husband loves his Nike Air Max trainers however, I prefer these Nike "Eastham" trainers. Nike Air Max trainers are definitely more running trainers whereas these Nike trainers look more fashionable and complete his gig look perfectly.

And the gig we'd be going to? Well it would probably be more comedy than music. We love Michael McIntyre and have seen him live a few times.

The second look I've gone for is the "making denim smart" look for a dinner date:

A Dinner Date

1. THE ESSENTIALS; good underwear and a gorgeous smelling aftershave. As every woman will tell you, there's nothing worse than underwear that doesn't fit properly and it's the same for guys. Husband loves Calvin Klein boxers. And I love how Gucci pour Homme smells on him.

2. JEANS; I've chosen these dark blue Jasper Conran jeans. They have a tailored fit so they'll look really smart (and tight!) for a dinner date. I think the darker denim makes them look dressier than the regular stonewash denim too. I have Jasper Conran skinny jeans and they are the best fitting jeans I've ever owned.

3. SHIRT; I love seeing Husband in a smart shirt. I think this Jasper Conran navy shirt would really suit him. It's not too formal and he could relax the look by rolling up the sleeves on the shirt. He could even wear it on top of the white v-neck shirt for a casual day look. I like versatile!

4. SHOES; Every girl needs a good pair of black shoes and so does a man. They are a staple piece in any wardrobe. Whilst I love black patent shoes for me, I love black leather shoes on Husband. These Red Herring black shoes complete his dinner date look to perfection.

And the dinner date? It would have to be at our favourite Italian restaurant where we had our wedding meal. We love it there. It's "our" place. It has such a warm and lovely atmosphere and the food is delicious!

I've had a lot of fun coming up with these two looks for Husband. If you want to join in with the competition, head over to Mummy Daddy Me and check out the T&Cs. I'm off to nosy at what everyone else has come up with.

Silent Sunday #11

Saturday, 15 March 2014

365 Project 2014 Days 68 - 74

Day 68 - Don't bite my hand you bad dino!
Day 69 - Running along the bridge, enjoying a walk in the sun
Day 70 - Horse and Barbie time
Day 71 - A walk to town in peace
Day 72 - A day for a jigsaw
Day 73 - Banana cake for snack
Day 74 - A trip to the city

Freedom to Walk #CountryKids

The sunshine means lots of walks
Walks that can last for hours
Walks that can stretch for miles

Miss C is getting much better
At following in her Mummy's footsteps
And enjoying the freedom of walking

We can walk for miles
Especially when we're not in a rush
We've nowhere special to be

We take the time to saviour
The peace and quiet
The gentle breeze
The sounds of the birds
The signs of Spring

And maybe a shot on a swing 
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Friday, 14 March 2014

Family Fun For Under a Fiver

It can be tricky finding things to do with the family, especially when the weather is so damp and dreary. Trips to the cinema, ice skating, swimming or soft play can be quite costly these days. Infact, there probably aren't many things that you could do that would cost you less than £5.00

Or is there? Wilson Field have teamed up with bloggers to try and come up with ways to have fun for under a fiver as a family. You can follow the ideas with the hashtag #FunForAFiver.

We were sent through some items in the post that all in all would cost less than £5 if I had gone out and bought them. In the package were some ice lolly moulds, a sponge cake mix, some origami paper and an origami book and a pack of seeds to grow some "Egg Head Hair".

As the sun has been shining all week, the kids have been enjoying being outdoors and playing games like football, hopscotch, golf and riding on their scooters. We decided to make some blackcurrant and orange ice lollies for the kids to enjoy in the sun.

When the sun is shining, it is definitely possible to have plenty of family fun for under a fiver. Or even better; for free! We love to go to the park, come rain or shine. However, it is definitely nicer to go to the park when then sun is out. We go for walks, play at the swing park and visit the animals at our local country park. On really sunny days, because there are so many grass areas, we take a picnic and a tent for the kids to sit in out of the sun. We also love going to the beach!

When it's raining, it can be difficult to get outdoors and this is where I find it hard not to spend money doing an activity, especially at the weekend. However, there are a few things we like to do that are free or cost very little. A trip to the library costs a few pence in fuel and the kids can sit and colour in, read books and explore the museum and art galleries. If we're suffering with a bit of cabin fever, we get our wellies on and go outside to jump in the puddles. The kids love it!

Our local leisure centre has a family night once a week at the weekend and for just £3 for all of us, we can go swimming, play badminton, use the gym, use the sauna and steam room, visit the soft play and go ice-skating. A fantastic deal for under a fiver when you consider ice-skating usually costs about £20. It's definitely worth having a look around to see what is on offer in your area for fun things for your family to do.

At home we love baking, colouring in, painting, playing board games or just snuggling up together on the couch to watch a movie. All of which costs us nothing...well unless you count the movie snacks!

What ways do you have fun with your family that costs less than a fiver?

We received the items in the post to assist with this post.

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