Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Hold That Thought, Milton! - Book Review

We received Hold That Thought, Milton! from Parragon Books to review. It is written by Linda Ravin and illustrated by Ross Collins.

This book is about a young boy named Milton. He feels like no one listens to him. Whenever he has something to say his Mum tells him to wait, his Dad tells him to hang on and his brother just ignores him. All his thoughts start to build up in his head.

Milton has a pet frog called Burp, who goes missing. He is desperate to find him but when he tries to ask his family if they have seen him, they tell him to hold on as they are eager to get ready for a family wedding. Milton starts to develop strange side effects from the thoughts building up in his head and, in the end, it all ends in a big mess.

This is a really fun book with quirky pictures to match. The kids found it hilarious that the frog was called Burp and kept a close watch for Burp on each page of the book to be first to find his hiding place. I thought the book did a great job showing children how keeping important things to themselves can have a negative effect on them and the importance of sharing their feelings or concerns. I also thought it highlighted to adults the importance of really listening to their children and not brushing their worries off because they don't seem as big as the problems we face as adults.

We received this book for the purposes of a review. The opinions expressed are my own.

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