Sunday, 15 June 2014

The Week That Was #22

Last Sunday, I took Miss C horse riding whilst Z stayed with Husband and helped him at a neighbour's house. I picked Z up after horse riding and took the kids out for lunch. The rest of the afternoon was spent at home, relaxing before we had to go to swimming lessons.

On Monday, Miss C and I took a walk in to town after nursery to see the local pharmacist at the minor ailments area in the chemist. We suspected Miss C might have impetigo and were hoping to get an over the counter cream to help. Sadly, the pharmacist said she'd have to go to the Doctors. There were no emergency appointments so we were told to try again in the morning.

On Tuesday, I kept Miss C off nursery and tried to get her an emergency appointment with the DR. It took ages to get through to the surgery but my persistence paid off and we got an appointment for the afternoon. The DR perscribed Miss C some antibiotics and some cream to help clear the sores.

On Wednesday, Miss C's skin had improved a bit but not enough for her to be able to go back to nursery. She was sad because it was the day the nursery had planned to take them all on an outing to soft play. Instead, Miss C cuddled up on the couch to watch The Lion King 2. After lunch we drew some pictures and took a nice stroll to school in the sunshine to get Z.

On Thursday, Miss C was able to go back to nursery and I stayed to help out. After nursery, we came home and add lunch. We nipped to the shops to get a few bits and then picked Z up from school. Dinner was slightly earlier as Z had karate and he goes to an earlier class now since he moved up. He did really well considering he's the youngest in the class and probably the smallest. His instructor gave him his first tab on his green belt for doing so well.

On Friday, Miss C and I watched The Lion King after nursery. I still love watching The Lion King, it was one of the first Disney movies I watched. We headed down to a friend's house before picking Z up from school to drop in a card as they are getting married. After dinner, Miss C and Z went to Friday club. It was Miss C's first time going and she was really excited to go and make some new friends. Husband and I took the child-free opportunity to go for a ride on his motorbike. It was the first time I've ever been on a bike and it was really fun.

On Saturday, I had to work in the morning and I had a busy afternoon too! I dropped Z off at his second Karate class of the day and then came home to get some housework done. I picked Z up and then headed to a friend's house to drop in a gift. Husband spent the day doing some gardening work and then headed out after dinner to watch the football at a friend's house. The kids were exhausted by bedtime after playing outside all day.

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