Sunday, 20 July 2014

Me & You #7

Z took this photo of Husband and I when were on holiday a few weeks ago. It was late at night (9pm!) after a long day of activities and an early rise from the kids so we both look shattered. Miss C's balloon decided to join in on the photo too. They love taking photos of Husband and I together.

Both of our parents got divorced after only a few years of marriage. Because of this, Husband and I work hard at our marriage. Not that I see our marriage as hard work. There are times we drive each other crazy and there are definitely things that we don't agree upon. We are both pretty stubborn too! But those moments are monumentally outweighed by the good times we have together. We are the best of friends and we laugh a lot. We made the two most amazing little people together, who we adore. We show them every day just how much they mean to us by being there for them and showing them how much we love them and how much we love each other. How much we respect each other.

Earlier this week, Husband and I celebrated our eight year anniversary. Those eight years have brought us laughter, love, family, sad times, hard times, times we didn't think we'd get through and it's made us even closer and stronger.

dear beautiful

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