Friday, 29 August 2014

Flashback Friday - Starting School

With Miss C starting school last week, it got me thinking about when I started school. The first four or five years of my life were spent living in Spain. My first memory of being at school is from my school in Spain.

I was different from all the other children, of course. I looked different and I spoke a different language from them. I had learned some Spanish but not enough to be able to converse with these children or my teachers. Yet, they tried to talk to me and we played together with lots of pointing at stuff.

My first memory of my school in Spain was being in the classroom the day after I had fallen from my top bunk on to the bedroom floor. A tiled bedroom floor. I remember the teacher asking me "Qué pasó?!" and thinking to myself, I know what she is asking me but I've no idea how to tell her I fell out my bed in Spanish. I told her in English anyways and I can remember thinking, I hope she doesn't think my parents did it to odd thought at the age of 4, but I did!

My next memory of school was being in the toilets with the other kids. The toilets were all open, no cubicles, and they were unisex too. I think this was the first time I'd ever seen boy bits...they didn't bother me; I spent most of my time at home running around in the buff cause I refused to get dressed.

My last memory of my school in Spain was when I fell asleep at my desk. I remember waking up as all the kids came in from playtime. I had had an accident in my sleep but I don't remember what happened after that.

I don't have any pictures of my time at school in Spain, at least to hand that I can look out, but it's fun to think back to that time. I'm amazed I can still remember these things so clearly. I wonder if Miss C will have the same memories (well not exactly the same!) of starting school?

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