Wednesday, 27 August 2014

innocent Alphabet Champion - Letter A

innocent have invited us to take part in their Alphabet Champion challenge. We were assigned the letter A.

We had to come up with something that related to going back to school or fruit and take a picture of it.

I could have gone with the obvious choice of Apple, but we decided to go with Appetite!

Working hard at school is hungry work for little ones and they definitely work up an appetite. It's really important for them to have a good lunch and snack to enjoy. Something that will give them lots of energy and brain power.

Z loves his packed lunch. I make him a cheese sandwich on 50/50 bread as he isn't keen on brown bread. Occasionally, he'll have a roll or a wrap. He also has a snack item such as cocktail sausages or chicken tikka bites, a yoghurt and a piece of fruit...there's that Apple! He also has a piece of fruit for his morning snack and a full bottle of water which he refills at school.

You can join in with the Alphabet Champion Challenge. All you need to do is look out for the letter prompt (on Wednesday it's the letter A) and take a photo of something relating to that letter and back to school. Post your photo on twitter or instagram using #alphabetchampions and #innocent and you could be in with the chance of winning a full set of the innocent alphabet magnets. A bit of fun to get you all ready for going back to school; unless you are already back like us! 

You can also collect promotional innocent packs and once you have 6 or more barcodes, you can send them in to innocent Towers and they will send you out three names in innocent alphabet magnets. Lastly, there is a fun competition where you can design your own innocent alphabet. For more information, visit the innocent website

You'll find Innocent on twitter, instagram and Facebook.  

Thank you to Innocent who have provided us with some vouchers and the alphabet magnets for taking part. 

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