Sunday, 10 August 2014

Sibling Moments #8

Being on holiday makes them a bit crazy!

We are almost in to the last week of our Summer holidays here and this is pretty much how these two look every day at the moment. 

Being at school gives them a break from each other. Not that they are so bad together ever, but there are times when they wind each other up and having some time apart is good for them. The holidays have meant they have been together pretty much all day, every day.

Thankfully, for most of the holidays, they've played well together. Z has enjoyed showing Miss C how to do things and Miss C has enjoyed spending time with her brother. They've looked after each other at their club and they've included each other with one of their friends has come over to play.

This time together over the Summer holidays has been so important for them because, in a week, they'll be back at school and they will see less of each other again. It has definitely made their bond as siblings stronger.

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