Monday, 11 August 2014

The Uniform is Ready

This is such a scary sight for me.

It was this time two years ago that I got a school uniform ready for Z, who was about to have his first day at school. Ever.

Now it comes to Miss C's turn. This time next week, she'll be dressed in this very uniform, wearing those very lovely red patent shoes (the strap may have changed) and carrying that very pink Frozen schoolbag. She won't need her lunchbox straightaway as they only go to school for a half day for the first few weeks.

Breaking them in gently.

I don't think the kids need it, I think it's more for the parents.

I hope she enjoys learning new things and playing with her friends. I hope she makes some new friends too.

I'm sad to see this day approaching. It has come too fast! However, I'm really excited for Miss C to start this chapter in her life. She's really ready for school.

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