Sunday, 3 August 2014

The Week That Was #29

Last Sunday, Husband had to work in the morning and I spent the morning cleaning the house whilst the kids played. Husband took the kids to their swimming lessons and said Miss C had done really well with her backstroke!

On Monday, we walked over to a friend's house to have some lunch and a play date. It was another lovely day and the kids enjoyed the walk. We stopped off at the park on the way home to have a rest and a play. By the time we got home, we were all ready for a nap. Sadly, I had to go to work!

On Tuesday, we had a lazy day at home. The weather wasn't that great so it meant we didn't get out much. We did some drawing and Math work, watched a film and went outside to play when the wind had eased off. I managed to tidy my garden whilst Z played football with a friend and Miss C went to see our next door neighbour's dogs.

On Wednesday, we had another lazy day at home. We did some Math and some puzzles and then went outside to play before the rain came on.

On Thursday, the kids and I had another lazy day at home. It has been one of those weeks where you just want to stay at home and chill. We played and coloured in the morning and then watched The Lion King in the afternoon.

On Friday, we went to Asda for our food shop and then came home and had lunch. After lunch, we headed to the soft play with friends for the afternoon. It was lovely when we came out so we headed home for dinner and then played in the garden until bed time.

On Saturday, I took Z back to karate after the Summer break. He couldn't wait to get back and did really well. We came home, had lunch and then I did the housework whilst the kids played. We had a yummy steak dinner, (chicken for the kids) and I was a bit sad I had to share a bit of mine with Z. He loves a piece of fillet steak but I don't think he could eat a full one!

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