Sunday, 10 August 2014

The Week That Was #30

Last Sunday, Miss C and I were up early for horse riding. It was pouring with rain and we got very wet on the way in and on the way out. We came home and had lunch and then got ready for swimming lessons. Miss C did really well at her lesson. At the end of Z's lesson, he got to jump in the pool and, of course, he decided to shout, "cannonball!" Thankfully his instructor found it funny!

On Monday, Z went to play at his best friend's house. They went to the cinema, had lunch at McDonalds and played Wii for most of the afternoon. Miss C and I stayed at home and played with her toys, read some books and watched a movie. The sun eventually came out near tea time so we were able to get outside and enjoy some fresh air for awhile before I had to go to work.

On Tuesday, we had a quiet day at home. We sorted through all of Miss C's books and then the kids played outside in the sunshine.

On Wednesday, it wasn't very nice outside. We headed to the shops and it started to brighten up so we went to the park for a little while. The kids had a great time on the climbing frame. We headed home and played in the garden until dinner time.

On Thursday, Miss C had a friend over to play. They put on a magic show, played outside and watched a film together. They had lots of fun.

On Friday, we went for our food shopping and then came home and had a chilled out day. In the evening, I took Z back to his Karate training class. He was shattered afterwards but really enjoyed it.

On Saturday, I had to work in the morning! I came home after my shift finished and got ready for Ladies' Day at the Races. I met up with my neighbour and we headed to a restaurant for lunch. After lunch, we headed to the Races on our mini bus. The sun was shining and the champagne was flowing. It was a great day! We didn't win anything but that didn't spoil the day. After the Races closed, we headed in to town to some of the pubs. I think I got home around 3am!

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