Sunday, 17 August 2014

The Week That Was #31

Last Sunday, I woke up feeling a bit...delicate. I got up just before lunch but only because I realised I had lost my engagement ring. Cue lots of frantic searching, texting and Facebooking to try and find it. The kids had a TV day because it was pouring with rain. By swimming lesson time, I had given up on ever finding my engagement ring when my friend text me to say it had been found on the mini bus we'd been on coming home from the Races. What a relief!

On Monday, it was back to work for me and back to club for the kids. It was pouring with rain all day. We came home after I picked the kids up and watched TV and played Leappad until tea time.

On Tuesday, the weather wasn't much better. The kids had a great time playing badminton at their club. When we got home, we had another chilled out day as I wasn't feeling too good.

On Wednesday, I woke up still feeling rotten but I powered on and got ready for work. The kids had a fun day at their club, doing crafts and playing on the bouncy castle. When they came home, they wanted to play with their wooden train set.

On Thursday, it was a rather big day for me at work. It was my last day! I got some lovely flowers, chocolates and a few bottles of wine from my colleagues which was really nice of them. The kids were at their club until 4pm so I had the chance to come home and have some peace before I had to pick them up. The heavens opened just as we got home so we spent the rest of the day playing Xbox.

On Friday, after going for our food shopping, we caught the train to the city centre to meet up with GG. We went for lunch at a Chinese restaurant and then had a wonder around the shops, including the Disney shop. I was hoping to get an Elsa dress-up costume but I think I had more chance of winning the lottery! They did have some Anna costumes but none in Miss C's size. We also stopped at the LEGO shop to have a play. By the time we got home, we were all ready for bed.

On Saturday, Husband took Z to karate whilst I got Miss C ready for a play date at her best friend's house. She got picked up just after lunch and Z's best friend came over to play with him. They watched a movie and read lots of Beano annuals. We picked Miss C up after we dropped Z's friend home and she had had a great time. The girls had already planned their next play date: a sleepover!

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