Wednesday, 17 September 2014

8am #TheGallery

8am on a week day morning
It's all about the rush
I'm running about like a lunatic
Trying to organise our stuff

There are lunches to be made
Breakfast to be had
Kids are chatting instead of eating
Are they trying to drive me mad?

Uniforms to be laid out
Kids to get dressed
A chance of a shower
By tooth brushing I'm stressed

Hair to be brushed
Put up and out the face
School jackets and school shoes on
Straps for us, no lace

Out the door we go
Two school bags neatly packed
It wouldn't be the school run
If I were a little more relaxed

8am on a weekend...
Hang on what is that?
Don't wake me before 9am
My weekend is to relax

Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

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