Thursday, 4 September 2014

A Frozen Party and an Olaf Dress

On Saturday, Miss C and a friend attended a Frozen themed party. It wasn't a birthday party but a party put on for children to attend and meet Princesses, enjoy some crafts, games and have some yummy party food. As Frozen is (still) so popular with children, the party organisers decided to go with a Frozen theme.

The party is something parents have to pay for and it cost £20 for 2 hours however, after hearing great things about the first party they organised, we decided to get the girls tickets. They were sent an invitation in the post and Miss C was very excited to receive her invitation. Miss C decided she wanted to go dressed as Sven or Olaf.

I had hoped an Elsa or Anna costume would become available on the Disney Store website (wishful thinking on my part) and when it didn't, I contacted a girl who makes gorgeous tutus and asked if she had anything Frozen related in stock. She had an Anna coronation dress and an Olaf dress. I knew Miss C would love the Olaf dress and it looked beautiful.

We collected it two days before the party. Miss C couldn't wait to wear it. On the day, I had to put a white t-shirt on underneath the dress but I thought it made it look very cute. All the kids were dressed in either Anna or Elsa costumes so it was nice Miss C was able to be a bit different in an Olaf dress.

The Princesses were at the party, including Anna and Elsa, and they performed a dance routine that the kids got to learn to show off when the parents collected their kids. They had their nails done, got to make some crowns and bracelets and they had their faces painted. The girls had a great time at the party.

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