Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Cake Monster Orchard Toys - Review

As big fans of Orchard Toys, we were excited to receive two of their new games in the post to review. I'll be reviewing Can you Guess? shortly but Miss C wanted to play Cake Monster first.

Cake Monster is a fun counting and matching game. It is aimed at ages 3+ and for 2-4 players. As this game encourages counting to ten, I felt the game would be suitable up to the age of 5 however, an older sibling may enjoy playing with a younger sibling.

Inside the box you get:

  • 40 double sided cake shaped cards
  • 4 doubled side cake stand boards
  • A 3D Cake Monster (very easy to assemble!)
  • A spinner
  • A cake reference board 

There are two ways to play this game. 

In the first game, (Fill Your Cake Stand) players have to fill their empty cake stand with cakes with the number of toppings indicated on the spinner when they take their turn. The cake shaped cards are placed white side up. Players who aren't confident on identifying quantities can use the cake reference board to check the number of toppings on each cake. Players can only have one of each cake IE they can't have two cakes on their stand with five toppings. If a player finds a Monster Card then they have to feed that cake card to the Cake Monster and make lots of munching noises. The winner is the first person to fill up their cake stand.

Miss C had a lot of fun playing this game but wasn't impressed when she found a Monster Card. Miss C didn't need to use the card reference board as she was able to count the toppings on the cakes herself. 

The second game, (Feed the Monster) is a bingo game. Players use the cake stand with the pictures of cakes, find their cakes and place them on the stand. The Monster Cards are not used in this game. Using the spinner, players must feed the cake with corresponding number of toppings to the Cake Monster. When the players feed the cakes to the Cake Monster, they must make a munching sound. The winner is the first person to feed all their cakes to the Cake Monster.

Miss C really enjoyed Feed the Monster and it's a quick and easy game to play if you haven't got a lot of time. 

Each variation of the game encourages number recognition, awareness of quantities and counting skills. Memory and observational skills are also encouraged through remembering what numbers have been called in bingo or looking for the cake you need in Fill Your Cake Stand. Social skills are developed through turn taking and joining in with the munching sounds.

We really enjoyed playing Cake Monster. In terms of educational value, it is probably a bit young for Miss C however, the fun of playing the game is definitely right for her. 

Cake Monster costs £9.50 on the Orchard Toys website which is in line with similar games on the site. I can't ever find fault with the quality of the playing boards and pieces in Orchard Toys games so I definitely feel their prices reflect value for money considering how well made the games are. A perfect birthday or Christmas present for your child or as a present for a friend. 

We received Cake Monster for the purposes of a review. The opinions expressed are my own.

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