Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Caring for our Cats - Places to Sleep

As you may know, we have three cats in our house. We love our cats; they are a big part of the family and we wouldn't be without them. Having a pet is a big responsibility and they require lots of care and attention. They need a good diet, immunisations, worming, flea treatments, brushing...the list is endless. Swell Pets have lots of great accessories, toys, carriers, beds and so much more to give you an idea of exactly what you'll need if you are thinking about getting a pet.

Sometimes, it is a bit trial and error for what you need for your pets. We bought a cat bed and a scratching post for the cats. Do they bother using them? No!

Well, Jazz does like his cat bed but during the day he prefers a nap on the couch.

As does Felix.

At night though, the cats like to sleep on our bed or, in Jazz's case, he sleeps in his cat bed. Sometimes Felix will try and get in with him but it really isn't big enough for two cats anymore. Although, apparently it never has been big enough for two according to Jazz.

What I've found from having the cats is, if it looks like somewhere really cosy, warm and safe and somewhere you would like to sit, lie down or sleep on then they'll get there first, if they can.

Sometimes they like somewhere quiet and dark to sleep and I've seen them go under Miss C's bed and not come out again for hours. They'll also hide in there whenever the hoover is on.

They don't like the hoover.

As for the scratching post? It never got used. Instead they like to claw at the fences outside. I don't mind that, so long as they don't do it to my furniture!

Do you have any pets? What things did you buy for them that they never ended up using?

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