Friday, 26 September 2014

Gold Stars Math - Review

Z loves Math. He loves learning in general but Math is his favourite subject. He is fascinated with numbers and loves fractions, multiplication, division, get the picture. I'm not a Math lover so Z must get his love for all that is Mathematical from his Dad, who is an engineer.

Parragon Books sent us a Math book for Z to complete during the Summer holidays. This book is from their Gold Star range and Z received a KS2 book aimed at age 9 - 11. The Gold Stars range starts from pre-school right up to KS2 and also includes workbooks for English, Phonics, Telling the Time and Spelling.

The book is really well set out, easy to read and follow and it is colourful to make it attractive to children and to keep them engaged.

Each page gives a simple explanation of how to complete the problems and handy tips too. Each exercise has a clear objective so you can easily see what your child is learning from the problem. I also loved the definition of any "Math terms" such as equivalents. I actually learnt a lot from reading through them; I'm terrible with Math!

The workbook also comes with a test book which has a test for each exercise your child has completed. I encouraged Z to complete each test at the end of his workbook exercise so it was fresh in his mind and helped reinforce what he has just learnt.

This isn't the first workbook we have had like this one but Z still enjoys completing them. To him, this is fun and if being on my college course has taught me anything so far, it's that children learn more when they are doing something fun or something they enjoy. Z found the book really easy to do so I guess I'm going to have to look out for books like these aimed at children starting secondary!

The Gold Stars range is available to buy from Amazon.

We received this book for the purposes of a review. The opinions expressed are my own. 

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