Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Me & Mine #9

The end of September already?! This photo was taken on our recent trip to Cameron House, Loch Lomond. It's such a beautiful place to visit and it's always a fun visit as we spend the day with our very good friends, eating and drinking and relaxing.

This month I started college. It's been fun and hard. I'm only in college for a day and a half but it is tiring having to use my brain and sit through lectures, taking in lots of new information. It will be worth it in the long run though and I know when it is done, I'll be able to give our family an amazing life and know that I achieved something for myself. I'll also be able to say I'm doing a job that I love. How rewarding is that?

Husband has been working hard, as always, but he has also been getting to the gym more now that Miss C is in school and he doesn't have to collect her from nursery or stay in at night whilst I go out to work. He also has more time to catch up on his TV shows. I couldn't tell you which ones he's watching but they seem to feature gruesome beasties or Romans.

Z just amazes me every day and he has settled in to school life amazingly. I don't know why we were worried about moving him up a year because even his teacher says he fits right in, like he was always meant to be there. He announced that he wants to be a Doctor when he grows up and would like Santa to bring him a medical dictionary. And some LEGO too. So now I'm on the hunt for an appropriate medical book for a seven year old. Any suggestions?

Miss C has taken to school amazingly well too. She really likes her teacher and her classmates and she loves being able to see her friends at playtime especially her best friend, who is in a different class. The long days do make her tired though. She's loving horse riding, as always, and is really coming on at swimming lessons too.

dear beautiful

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