Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Sibling Moments #9

I wanna be like you

Miss C just wants to do what her brother does. She wants to play Xbox, just like him. She wants to read books like the books he reads. She wants to jump as high as he does, run as fast as he does and climb as high as he does.

We went to the park last weekend and Miss C wanted to try the big assault course. Z was up and down the thing like a yo-yo and full of confidence in his own ability.

Miss C managed to climb to the top herself but when it came to sliding down the pole, she needed a little help. Z was straight up to show her how it was done. She (eventually) managed to go down herself and was beaming when she did.

I love that Miss C wants to do things that her brother can do and I love that he shows her how to do the things he does, patiently and with encouragement.

Of course, they aren't always best of friends but when they are, it's amazing!

dear beautiful

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