Sunday, 14 September 2014

The Week That Was #35

Last Sunday, I got up with the kids, we had breakfast and then they settled down in the living room to watch a film. I got on with making dinners, cutting up fruit and generally getting things ready for when I start college tomorrow. After lunch, Miss C played with her toys and Z practised some of his Karate Katas. We went to swimming lessons and Z swam 8 lengths without stopping during each length. He was definitely tired afterwards!

On Monday, it was my first day at college. I dropped the kids off at school and headed to college for my 9am start. I managed to find my class and spent the day learning lots of new things and meeting lots of new people. Our tutor let us away early, at 3pm instead of 5pm, so I managed to catch up to Husband and the kids as they were leaving school. We came home and we all (apart from Husband!) did our homework.

On Tuesday, I had my second day at college. It was only a half day which was good and gave me a chance to process everything I'd learnt in the last day and half when I got home before picking the kids up. My homework was to research Tina Bruce and her play theory for a group project we're doing and also to watch a video on YouTube called Ainsworth Strange Situation which looks at children's attachment. It's all very interesting!

On Wednesday, I dropped the kids off at school and came home to do some more college work. Wednesday will be a placement day once my disclosure forms are through and once my placement has been organised. We had a "Meet the Teacher" session after school that Husband and I went to with the kids. It was really good to see the classrooms and meet the teachers and staff.

On Thursday, I met up with a friend for lunch and a coffee. It was a gorgeous day and I think we caught the sun a bit, sitting outside the coffee shop. I picked the kids up from school, we had dinner and then headed to the local park so they could play with a friend.

On Friday, I did the housework and went for the food shop. After school, the kids were having friends over to play but Miss C's friend was off school, unwell, so she was sad her friend couldn't come. We had a feast of pizza, salad, chicken dippers and wedges. I took them to the park to run off some of their energy and then took the boys to their Friday night club.

On Saturday, we took Z to karate and came home for pancakes for lunch. After lunch, Husband and I got an aromatherapy massage at home. It was fantastic and just what we needed as we've both been suffering with backache and think we may need a new mattress. After dinner we watched Xfactor, which is becoming our Saturday night ritual.

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