Thursday, 13 November 2014

Letters From Santa - Review

As Z approaches the age where friends might start to question if Santa is real, I'm looking for ways to keep the magic of Santa alive. I do the PNP video every year which is fun and we visit Santa's Grotto which the kids love. We write letters to Santa too but I've never thought about having a letter ordered to send back to the kids.

So when actual Santa Claus asked me on twitter (he is real you know, if he has a twitter account, he has to be real!) if we'd like to receive a letter for Z and a letter for Miss C to have a sneak peek at, I was very excited. Paul and Nicola have been helping Santa deliver letters to children all over the world from the Lapland Mailroom. I was excited to see what the letters would be like!

The letters were posted in an envelope addressed to me for the purposes of the review, however if you order these for your child, they will come in a white envelope, addressed to your child and post marked with a special Santa stamp and Lapland Official Seal. They look really great!

We received the letter from Santa, a nice child certificate and an activity pack. The letter is printed beautifully and I love the detail in the letters I chose. In every paragraph, Santa has used their names which makes it feel really personally and, of course, Santa knows exactly what Z and Miss C want for Christmas. I also loved that Santa had added in a bit about their best friends.

The personalised nice child certificate is a fun touch and is included with Santa's letter free of charge for a limited time. These usually cost £2.95. There is the option to add in an activity pack to the letter which includes some Christmas themed colouring in pictures, an activity sheet, a door hanger for your child's bedroom door and a Christmas tree decoration your child can colour in themselves.

There are 4 fantastic letters to choose from, 3 of which are suitable for any age and are worded slightly differently for brothers and sisters so they don't end up with the same letter. The fourth letter is a special keepsake letter to celebrate a baby's first Christmas. I thought that was a lovely idea if you know you want to start the tradition of letters from Santa.

I feel the letters are quite reasonably priced and you'll pay similar to visit a Santa's Grotto. The nice thing about receiving the letter is that it is personalised for the child so they feel really special when they receive their letter. They also get a reply if they've sent their own letter to Santa!

You can start ordering your child's letter now and they will be posted from the Lapland Mailroom from 1st December. There is also the option to have the letter delivered the next day if you order before 2pm.

Once Z and Miss C receive their letters, I shall follow up with their thoughts in a post.

Are letters from Santa something you would buy for your kids?

We received letters from Santa for the purposes of a review. The opinions expressed are my own.

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