Saturday, 22 November 2014

Party, Party, Party from Orchard Toys - Review

The second game we received in our Orchard Toys delivery a few weeks ago is Party, Party, Party! This is a game that I have bought as a gift but I've been itching to get it for Miss C to play, so we were really happy to be offered it for review. It looks like such a fun game!

Party, Party, Party! is suitable for 2-4 players and is aimed at ages 5-9. I feel the age range is pretty spot on for this game. The game encourages social skills, turn-taking, counting skills and observation skills.

Inside the box you get:

A jigsaw playing board
4 handbags
8 character pieces and stands
28 picture cards
A dice

The idea of the game is to fill your handbag with 5 accessories and 1 present and then head to the party in the middle of the board. Play starts with the youngest player. As you move around the board, you have to collect the accessories you land on, determined by the number you roll on the dice and the picture on the playing board. If someone already has the accessories you land on then you have to wait until your next turn. If you land on a white square with a pink arrow and a mobile phone picture, you have to call another player and you can tell them to lose an accessory. If you land on a white square with a pink arrow, you can choose any accessory to pop in your bag. If you land on a dropped handbag square, you have to lose one of the accessories in your bag.

Miss C was very excited to get the little handbags out and choose her character. Z was also excited to play. It might be seen as quite a girly game because of the handbags and the girly themed accessories but Z didn't mention it. He just loves a good board game. Miss C got a bit competitive and enjoyed phoning Daddy to tell him to lose something from his handbag. She wasn't so keen when she dropped her bag though!

Party, Party, Party! is priced at £11.75 which I feel is a good price for the game. The pieces are well-made and the concept of the game is really fun. It's a great family game!

There are lots of games and jigsaws available from Orchard Toys that would suit children from as young as 18 months right up to age 6. There aren't many games aimed at the older children in the family however, Z really recommends the World Map Puzzle and the Great Britain and Ireland Puzzle. The detail and information on both of these puzzles is fantastic and they'd make a great gift for children who are interested in Geography and the World and really handy for any school projects.

My own personal recommendations would be Can you Guess?, Greedy Gorilla, Animal Safari and Magic Cauldron.

You can also check out Orchard Toys Top Ten Christmas Gifts for some inspiration too.

Are you a fan of Orchard Toys? Which are your favourites?

We received Party, Party, Party! for the purposes of a review. The opinions expressed are my own. 

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