Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Pets #TheGallery

After Casper and Rocky had to be put to sleep last year, we said we weren't getting any more pets. Then, one sunny afternoon in July, a walk in to the pet shop changed our minds. We saw Felix with his two brothers and it was like fate. Black and white in colour, he was a combination of all black Rocky and all white Casper. He was born around about the time Casper and Rocky went to sleep.

Felix has been with us for over a year now and he has definitely made himself at home. He is the boss and likes to let our other cats, Morgan and Jazz know this. Jazz and Felix are best of chums really but Felix likes to chase Morgan and she's getting a bit old for that carry on now.

Miss C loves Felix. She still carries him around the house like a baby and he loves it. He loves to cuddle up with us in bed or lie on the couch beside us. He is a really friendly little cat.

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