Sunday, 9 November 2014

The Week That Was #43

Last Sunday, I was up early to get ready for Miss C coming home. She had a brilliant time at her sleepover and can't wait for her next one. She was definitely still tired though. We got ready to go and look at another few houses and to show the kids the ones we liked. After lunch, we snuggled up on the couch to watch X Factor until it was time to go to swimming lessons. The kids had a great time at fun swim.

On Monday, it was back to school and college. I spent the day working on my reports. Husband picked the kids up from school and had decided to go out and buy himself a fancy new tablet. He doesn't treat himself very often though. So long as I get a shot of it!

On Tuesday, I went to college for my half day session. It was a long morning but very informative. When I got home, I had to chill out for a bit as my brain was overworked! I caught up on Hollyoaks before I had to pick the kids up. Miss C had fun playing with her Playmobil and Z had fun playing his Nintendo DS. Bello arrived back from Manchester to collect his things and head to the airport for London. We were sad to see him leave but he'll be back again soon.

On Wednesday, I was up early for placement. Husband took the kids to school. It was a lovely day but it was freezing! Winter is definitely coming. The kids were excited about the fireworks but we stayed at home and watched from the bedroom window. Much warmer and cosier!

On Thursday, I was up early for placement again. I came home and got the kids ready to take my car to get the nasty scrape fixed. We were given a courtesy car to use; the Mini Countryman. Well, I was confused from the minute I got in it. My car has auto settings so it took me awhile to figure out how to put the lights on and to work the windscreen wipers. The kids thought this was hilarious! We went to Burger King for dinner as it was late by the time we left the garage.

On Friday, it was my day off. I love my Friday off. I dropped the kids off at school in the "fun bus" Countryman and headed to the shops to get the weekly shopping. I was surprised that I managed to fit my weekly shop in the back of the Countryman better than my own car! It also had the perfect bottle holder in the back! I met up with a friend for lunch and a catch up which was fab. I don't have a lot of time to catch up with friends between college, house work, school runs and general day to day life so it's great when we can get together. After school, we went to pick up my car which was like brand new. I was really pleased to get it back.

On Saturday, we got up and got ready to take Z to karate. He has a big competition on Sunday so he's been practising lots for that. After we finished karate, we had a couple of house viewings to go to. We saw one we really liked so we have to way up the pros and cons of moving...and keeping our fingers crossed for a lottery win! After lunch, Husband took the kids out so I could get on with some college work. I managed to get a bit done so I was feeling less stressed about it all.

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