Sunday, 23 November 2014

The Week That Was #45

Last Sunday, we managed to sleep in until 9.15am. It was bliss! We had a karate competition to get ready for. Z did brilliantly and got to a final again. Unfortunately, like last time, he took a knock to the chest and it knocked his confidence. He was really upset and then sore when he fell to the ground as he went in for a kick. He lost by 5 points to 3 and we could tell he was really frustrated with himself. After the competition, we went home for lunch and then headed to swimming lessons. Z and I started to feel really unwell so it was an early night for us all.

On Monday, I woke up feeling like death warmed up. I was tempted to stay off college but I don't want to fall behind, especially when I have at least seven reports and two assignments due in before the Christmas holidays. After college, I picked the kids up from a friend's house. They had had a great time playing but Z was still feeling a bit unwell so we popped to the chemist to get some medicine. We all had another early night.

On Tuesday, we all woke up feeling a bit rotten. Z had been awake coughing and spluttering during the night which woke Husband and I up. Miss C was the only person who got a full nights sleep. I headed off to college for my half day which went in very quick. When I got home, I had coffee and toast and watched Hollyoaks. I picked the kids up from school and we came home to do homework and watch some TV together.

On Wednesday, after being up most of the night with Z, we decided to keep him off school and get him to the Doctors. This was hard for me because, as much as I hate seeing my child unwell and his health always comes first, I hate missing things. I was supposed to be at my placement and missing a day of college is like missing a week of school. Anyways, it did give me the opportunity to fill in all of my paperwork and plan my next 5 weeks at college and on placement. Z had an appointment at the Doctors and it turned out he had an ear infection. We came home and I let him lie on the couch until we had to pick Miss C up from school. Thankfully she seems to be the only one who is well in the house at the moment.

On Thursday, it was back to school for Z. He was feeling much better in the morning which was a relief to us all. My day went really fast and I was exhausted when I got home. Miss C decided to build a den in the living room which looked really cosy! We all had an early night.

On Friday, I dropped the kids off at school and headed to Asda for my shopping. I love my Friday off! I got all my college stuff prepared and then picked the kids up from school. They were both having friends over after school so I picked them up too. The boys played Xbox whilst the girls played dress up and horses. I ordered pizza for them for tea and they had a pizza picnic party in the living room. They were all shattered by bedtime.

On Saturday, we were up early for karate. After karate and lunch, we decided to do some Christmas shopping in the form of stocking up on booze for the festive period. We had a yummy steak pie dinner and then cuddled up to watch Xfactor.

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