Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Babies #TheGallery

I adore babies, especially brand new ones. A few weeks ago, my cousin gave birth to a little girl. Her third baby. I haven't managed to go and visit yet but I can't wait to have a baby cuddle with her. They are the best kind of cuddles.

I did get to hold a brand new baby about two weeks ago when I stopped in to visit a friend. It was lovely; I even got to give him a bottle. Miss C was quite taken with him until he started crying.

He reminded me of my first baby, Z. It seems such a long time since Z was this small.

He's only a few days old in this photo.

Seeing brand new babies does make me a bit broody but there will be no more for us. There's something lovely about having baby cuddles every now and again that makes you really appreciate the little people your own babies are growing in to.

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