Monday, 22 December 2014

How to Buy the Perfect Pushchair

It has been awhile since we used a pushchair or a buggy. Miss C was happy to walk without hers from when she was able to walk and stopped using one when she was 3. However it was on a recent clear out that we eventually threw out our old buggy. I was kind of sad it wasn't in good enough condition to donate to someone as prams and a good buggy can be expensive.

When we were looking at a buggy for Miss C, we already had a pink Mamas & Papas pushchair. It was second hand and it was getting to the point where we no longer needed something as big as this pushchair. We looked at various designs and brands and it came down to Silvercross, Maclaren and an own brand one from the shop.

There are definitely key things you need to consider when buying a pushchair or a buggy. The biggest one for me would be, if you own a car, is will it fit in the boot. At the time we had our Ford Mondeo and it had a great sized boot for a buggy and all the shopping to fit in. It's not just about having boot space to fit a big fancy pram in; you need to make sure you still have room for everything else you need in the car when you have a small child.

The next thing we had to think about was the design; how easy it was to push, move and carry. When Z was still too young to walk everywhere and Miss C was a baby, I had a tandem pushchair and the thing was terrible to steer. This was probably because Z was at the front and it made it really heavy. Don't get me wrong, it kept me fit and toned but it was so difficult, it lasted maybe six months before I bought a pushchair and a buggy board.

I needed a buggy that would fold down easily. I hate fiddly bits or buggies that require you to have engineering skills to put them down (or up!). The buggy we ended up getting was really easy to put down and bring back up again. Handy is key when you have small children.

Safety is really important when choosing a buggy. We went for one that had a five point harness and that felt comfortable for Miss C to sit in. I walk everywhere with the kids so when Miss C was in her buggy, she had to be sitting comfortably and feel supported during our walks. Accessories are an important thing to think about too; rain covers, umbrellas, foot muffs, baskets for storing things and, the big one for me as a mum of a toddler and baby - does the buggy board fit on it?

The last thing I looked at was what the buggy looked like and how heavy it was. There are some gorgeous designs and colours on buggies. I love the colour of the Maclaren Globetrotter in scarlet and if I was going to buy a buggy for Miss C now, this would definitely be a contender. At the time we went with a simple black and white buggy as we were hoping to pass the buggy on to someone when we finished with it.

So my top things to consider when buying a pushchair or buggy are:

  • Does it fit in my car?
  • How easy is it to move?
  • Does it fold down and come up easily?
  • How safe is it and how comfortable is it?
  • What accessories does it have?
  • How heavy is it?
  • Design

What sort of things did you think about when buying a pushchair or buggy?

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