Monday, 22 December 2014

Miss C is Mary

A few weeks ago, I went to watch the school nativity. I love watching the school nativity as the children are always so entertaining to watch. You can see how hard they've worked and how bedraggled the teachers are. It also gets you in to the Christmas spirit.

We found out Miss C was playing Mary in the nativity. Husband was delighted and hoping that this would be a role Miss C would adopt for life. Personally I was wondering how she managed to get this role but was very excited to see her.

The show started off with the older children in Primary 2 and 3 performing ways different countries celebrate Christmas. They were really fantastic. After watching 6 classes, it was time to see the younger children; the Primary 1 children.

Well, I was holding back tears as soon as Miss C came on to the stage carrying the baby Jesus. She didn't have any lines but she did so well cuddling the baby Jesus and rocking the baby Jesus and kissing the baby Jesus. She was delighted when Joseph put his arm around her. She was loving being Mary.

The kids all did so well. Having experienced how a nursery show is put together and the amount of work that goes in to these things from both the kids and staff, I know how hard they will have all worked to put on such an amazing Christmas show.

Husband went to see Miss C the following day and he too was almost in tears watching her.

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