Saturday, 31 May 2014

Me & Mine #5

This month we celebrated our youngest family member turning 5. She loved her birthday. As they get older, the kids get more in to their birthdays, Christmas and holidays and it's really lovely to see. Miss C adored having everyone sing Happy Birthday to her and was delighted with her friends being able to come for a tea party.

This month I loved going to Edinburgh to visit our new nephew and to get some Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Those doughnuts are pretty awesome!

Husband has been working hard, as always, and has enjoyed some lovely evenings out on his bike. He's even convinced me to get on the thing. I've not been on it yet and I'm pretty nervous about it but it's something he loves so I'll try and support him by being a good sport and having a ride.

Z has been loving his new Karate class. As a green belt, he got moved to a different class. It's more advanced than the class he was in but he's really enjoying it. He also really enjoyed the new Kata class!

Miss C, of course, has loved turning five. She's also been loving her horse riding and looks forward to it the most out of everything she does.

And, as always, I can't believe how quickly the month has gone in!

dear beautiful

Friday, 30 May 2014

Flashback Friday - Your Seventh Year

On a Friday, seven years ago, my beautiful boy was born. It isn't his birthday yet but on this day, seven years ago, I became a Mummy. What a shock to the system that was! But it was a good one, with some wobbly moments of course, and I've enjoyed every minute of it and continue to do so as my boy gets bigger and bigger.

It isn't until I look at these photos of Z, (well, he's not so wee any more!) that I notice how he has changed. He's definitely gotten taller and has lost any trace of puppy fat he had. Actually, with Z, I always look at him and think he is older than he is. Maybe this is because his friends are all 7 or 8 or because, when he speaks, he sounds older than he is.

Here is Z's seventh year in photos. He is such a handsome and charming young boy. We really are lucky to have him as our son.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

The Birthday Girl

Yesterday was Miss C's fifth birthday. She had such a great day and was very lucky to receive lots of gifts from family and friends.

Her birthday started off with presents. She came straight downstairs and worked from smallest to biggest. She got the Anna and Elsa Animator Dolls, a Playmobil horse set complete with horsebox and car to pull it along and she got the Playmobil Summer Fun Hotel.

After nursery, we had to nip to the shops to get some party stuff for her friends coming over once school was finished. We bought some pizza, sausage rolls, cocktail sausages, chicken dippers, potato wedges, crisps and some fresh veg. We came home so I could start cooking everything and have it ready to serve up at 4pm.

We picked Wee Z and his best friend up from school and met with the other Mums who were bringing Miss C's friends over to play.

The kids got on so well. Miss C invited 2 friends; a boy and a girl. They played on the trampoline and played dress up in Miss C's room. Wee Z and his friend only appeared for food, piled their plates up and made a quick escape.

Miss C's cake was made by a local cake maker. It's the first time I've ordered from them and the cake was just beautiful. The photo doesn't do it justice! The icing was all sparkly so it looked like snow and it tasted really good. I bought the Frozen figurines and put them on top of the cake.

As well as her friends, family turned up to wish Miss C a Happy Birthday. We had a kitchen full! Sadly, Bella and Pops couldn't make it and, even worse, Bella was actually in Glasgow on a training course but was travelling home the same day so couldn't pop over after it had finished.

Miss C really did have a great day. She was beaming when everyone sang Happy Birthday to her. She told me, at bed time, her favourite bit of her birthday had been, "all the visitors...and my presents!"

She's on a comedown today though...

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

A Letter to my Five Year Old

Dear Miss C,

Today is your fifth birthday! As always, and I'm sure I say this every letter, I can't believe how quickly the year has come round.

Last year, we enjoyed a birthday party with lots of friends and family and owls. It was a great day and you had such a good time. This year, we're having a small gathering at the house. We've invited two of your very good friends and allowed Wee Z to have his best friend over so he has someone to play with too. There will be plenty of food and a fantastic Frozen themed cake which I'm sure you will love.

From your birthday last year right up to today, you have enjoyed so many exciting things. You started going to nursery for 5 days instead of 2, which exhausted you at first but you love going now, especially to see Gran and your friends. You started Karate and did well at first, but it really wasn't for you and you pleaded with us to go horse riding instead. I am so glad you asked because you are a natural and love your horse riding. You can't wait until you are old enough to go and help with the horses and ride by yourself.

Our holiday to Disneyland Paris was amazing with you there. You were such a ball of energy. You ran everywhere. You were so excited to see the Princesses and all the characters from your favourite films. You called for Ariel and Rapunzel in the parade and waved at them so hard, I thought your arm might fly off!

Every day, you grow a little more infront of us. Your vocabulary has come on so much and I think you speak really well for your age. You use really big words in the right context which I think you have picked up from Z. It amuses me greatly that you "get" jokes and then explain the joke to us just to prove that you understood.

You are a really sweet little girl. You love to cuddle and snuggle in bed or on the couch. You love animals so much. You are definitely going to be a vet of some sorts. Maybe a horse vet! Sometimes you can be moody and we all know about it when you are in a strop. But more often than not, you snap out of it pretty quickly and are back to your sweet self.

You and Z are getting on so well these days. I hope I haven't tempted fate by saying that! On the weekend, you'll sneak in to his room to wake him up and you'll cuddle up together in bed until it's time to get up. Or you'll be playing Minecraft together. You have to give Z a cuddle before you go to bed. You tell each other "I love you" every day. I really hope you are as close when you are older, as you will always have each other, no matter what.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday Princess and an equally wonderful year being 5.

We love you lots and lots!

All my love, forever and always,

Mummy xxx+o

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

My Name is Bob - Book Review

We received a new package of books from Random House recently and the first book Miss C chose to read was My Name is Bob. This book is written by James Bowen and Garry Jenkins and is illustrated by Gerald Kelley. The book is based on a true story and is a prequel to the book A Street Cat Named Bob.

My Name is Bob is the story of how Bob came to be a part of street performer, James' life. In real life, Bob started following James, possibly looking for a friend or some company, and he soon became known as Bob the Street Cat because he sat alongside James when he performed in the streets.

In this story, Bob lives with a lovely lady who sadly gets very sick and has to go to hospital. Bob tries to chase after the ambulance but gets lost and can't find his way home. Months pass by, the weather changes and Bob is cold and hungry. One day, he hears beautiful music and follows the sound to find James. They soon become friends and have been together ever since.

This is a really heart-warming story, especially if you are a pet owner or lover. The book is beautifully illustrated and easy to read and follow. Miss C really loved the book and was happy to see Bob find a new owner since she loves cats. We can't wait to read the other books about their journey.

My Name is Bob is available to buy from Amazon.

We received this book for the purposes of a review. The opinions expressed are my own.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Her Horse Thing

Miss C started riding lessons about 5 months ago and she absolutely loves it. You know how everyone has their own thing that, as soon as they find it, it's like they were born to do it? I think Miss C has found that in her horse riding and her love of horses.

It may seem like quite a bold statement to make when Miss C is only 4 and has only been going for 5 months but even her teachers say she's a natural. She sits properly in her saddle and holds her reins perfectly. Her rising trot is bang on. Of course, she still needs a leader but she knows to look to where she wants to go as she pulls her reins to guide her horse.

Horse riding lessons are something Miss C and I do together so she was really excited when Husband and Wee Z came to watch her yesterday. Husband was really impressed with how well she got on.

I'll always remember the fun my cousins, my sister and I used to have down at the stables. We loved riding and, although it has been years and I'm pretty rusty, I think I want to get back in to riding myself. It's a pretty smelly hobby but it's really fun too.

Miss C can't wait until she can ride herself. She can't wait to get in to the stables and help muck out and brush the horses. She helped untacking her horse today and gave him lots of cuddles and kisses. When he was being a bit naughty, not wanting to go in to his stable, she said, "come on you, just get in there!"

Horses. Definitely her thing.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

The Week That Was #20

Last Sunday, we didn't get up until 10am! I did the housework whilst Husband spent the day tinkering with his old bike before he sells it. The kids had fun playing with Loom Bands, the latest craze. It kept them occupied all afternoon so I can't really complain. We went to swimming lessons and both kids did really well. Wee Z swam the full length of the big pool in the front crawl. His instructor said he did brilliant!

On Monday, it was back to school and nursery for the kids and back to early shift for me at work. I forgot that it was walk to school week, which was fine, as we walk to school every day anyway, but the kids were supposed to wear odd socks! Never mind, at least we walked! After school, it was beautiful outside so the kids went out to play. By bedtime, it was thunder and lightening! We sat at Wee Z's window and watched the storm for awhile.

On Tuesday, after work, I spent the afternoon trying to find something really important and getting really annoyed that I couldn't find it. Miss C played with her Playmobil and I gave up searching when we had to leave to pick Wee Z up from school. The kids had fun playing outside until we felt some spits of rain and came in to get ready for bed. We were expecting a thunderstorm again, but it never came to anything. I did eventually find what I was looking for which was a huge relief.

On Wednesday, Miss C went to a friend's house after nursery for a play date. She told us all about the animals in the house and I think she was tempted to bring one home with her. It was a beautiful day so the kids played outside and Miss C attempted to ride her bike herself. The tyres were flat though, so she didn't get very far!

On Thursday, we had a quiet afternoon. The sun had disappeared! Thankfully the rain held off and Miss C and I walked to school to pick up Wee Z. We came home and Wee Z decided he was going to play with his Loom Bands whilst Miss C drew some pictures. After dinner, the kids went outside to play but they didn't manage out for long as the dreaded rain made an appearance!

On Friday, it was an in-service day at school and nursery so the kids were off. I was hoping for a bit of a lie in but the cats decided that 6.50am was a good time to chase each other round the house. I was raging. We got up and headed to the supermarket to get our weekly shop. Husband had come home from his nightshift whilst we were out and he took the kids swimming after lunch. Miss C had her health check at the Doctors and everything was fine with her. After dinner, Wee Z went to karate and Miss C decided she wanted to watch Walking with the Dinosaurs...again.

On Saturday, I took Wee Z to karate and headed in to town to get some wrapping paper and birthday cards. We've two birthdays this week! After lunch, Husband took Wee Z to another karate class, this time one specifically for his Katas and I stayed at home with Miss C and finished off the housework and ironing. Sometimes a lazy day indoors is definitely called for. After dinner, the kids watched a movie and I had a snooze on the couch. Doing nothing can be exhausting!

Saturday, 24 May 2014

365 Project 2014 Days 138 - 144

Day 138 - Loom Bands - they are everywhere!
Day 139 - Fun on the trampoline
Day 140 - Wear a fun hat to walk to school week
Day 141 - I asked her to get changed and Miss C came down in her brother's clothes
Day 142 - Crazy hair for walk to school week
Day 143 - Cuddling by the milk
Day 144 - Some painting by numbers

TheBoyandMe's 365 Linky

Trampoline Fun #CountryKids

One of the best things about Summer is
The trampoline comes out of rest
Once it's built and ready for bouncing
The kids put it to the test

Jumping high
As high as the sky
Jumping high
Ready to fly

Landing on bums
Such good fun
Screams and laughter
Out in the sun

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Friday, 23 May 2014

Father's Day Gifts from Thorntons

Husband is such a great Daddy to Wee Z and Miss C and I think we should show him how much we appreciate him every day of the year. However, Father's Day is the one day of the year where he gets to play his "Daddy Card" and do whatever he likes.

We buy him cards, we go out for dinner (cause I need a night off too!) and we buy him a small gift. Thorntons have a great selection of Father's Day gift ideas. We received this amazing champagne hamper to enjoy. Husband loves champagne and I love truffles so it was the perfect gift for us to share.

The champagne came in a beautiful gift box. Husband had no idea what was inside so he was really happy when he found a bottle of Taittinger gleaming up at him. The champagne was popped in the fridge to chill and the truffles were opened for dessert. They were really rich and yummy, just what I've come to expect from Thorntons chocolate.

If your other half or Dad isn't a fan of champagne but likes something with a kick in it, there is a whiskey hamper that comes with a 35cl bottle of Johnny Walker Black Label and a box of Thorntons original toffee.

Prices for Father's Day gifts start from just £3.00. There are lots of great chocolate gifts which can be personalised with a lovely message for your other half. There are also lots of different fudges, toffees and chocolate treats to choose from so there's definitely a gift for everyone.

Why not buy something you know you'll both enjoy so you can steal share them?! I love Thorntons fudge and so does Husband so a packet will definitely be alongside his card this Father's Day.

We received the champagne hamper for the purposes of a review. The opinions expressed are my own. 

Flashback Friday - Your Fifth Year in Photos

It is less than a week until Miss C turns 5. She's had an amazing year as a four year old. She went to Disneyland Paris and met lots of characters and Princesses. She started horse riding and is a natural. She's really come on at swimming lessons and has made lots of new friends at nursery and out with nursery.

I can't say I notice much difference in her facially but I have noticed a huge difference in her speech and what she understands. She really does have good comprehension skills. She "gets" jokes and can explain the punchline to you. She understands a story when you're reading with her and can often tell you what she thinks will happen next. She is very arty; she loves to draw and goes absolutely mental if I have a clear out of her art work...I have to though, it's a fire hazard the amount of pictures I have stuck on my fridge.

I made a video of her fifth year in photos. It's amazing to look back over the last year and see Miss C continuing to grow as a beautiful little girl.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Bank Holiday Trips: Birmingham

Another Bank Holiday weekend is almost upon us. Infact, we have an extra long weekend as our school has an in-service day on Friday! We really love a long weekend here because that means Husband is off work and we get to spend quality time together as a family. Depending on the weather, we'll enjoy a day at the park or the beach and sometimes we'll take a day trip to the city or surrounding areas.

There are plenty of cities to explore in the UK such as Manchester, London and Edinburgh. One place I've never visited is Birmingham and with some great deals from Hotel Direct around the city centre, they make it really affordable for families to choose to visit Birmingham, stay overnight and enjoy a Bank Holiday filled with fun.

Why Birmingham? Well, it's the home of the famous Cadbury World, a theme park filled with chocolate tasting and the opportunity to learn more about the history behind Cadbury and the amazing goodies they make. There is also the Dodgem Racing, where you can race around the 400 metre oval circuit against 7 other drivers in a bid to pass the checkered flag first. You race in real stock cars complete with roll cage and bumpers! This is Husband's idea of fun!

Birmingham is one of the UK's cities of culture, so if racing and chocolate don't float your boat, you can soak up plenty of history instead. There are plenty of sights to take in such as the statue of the Battle of the Gods and Giants, the Sleeping Giant and Nanetta Stocker's Grave. Just outside of St Phillips Cathedral, you can visit the grave of the smallest woman who was just 33 inches tall when she died in 1819. The Cathedral itself is a beautiful building to visit, especially to see the gorgeous stained glass windows.

Birmingham is also home to the gorgeous Selfridges building, built in 2003. It cost around 2.3 million to build and is named as one of the one hundred shops to visit in the magazine, Retail Week. I definitely don't need an excuse to visit Selfridges, but this building sounds like it needs to be seen to be believed.

There are plenty of things to do if you are travelling with kids to Birmingham. You could visit the Birmingham Nature Centre; it's about two miles from the city centre and is home to 130 different species of animals including red pandas, lemurs and meerkats. Miss C would love it! There is also the Thinktank Science Museum where you can explore ten different themed galleries. Each one is inspiring, immense and filled with interactive fun. And in the Science Garden you can find out about how engineering, mechanics and transportation are brought to life. There's is also fun to be had in the water area!

For us, the perfect trip for our family would be a visit to Drayton Manor. It's not too far from Birmingham city centre and there's something for everyone there. There are big thrill rides for Husband and I, Thomas Land for the kids and a zoo and conservation area for us to enjoy as a family.

Have you been to Birmingham before? Where did you go and what would you recommend?

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Funny Things My Kids Say #29

On Saturday morning, we were eating breakfast and talking about something, I can't remember what it was, but Wee Z was telling us about something he had learned. Husband hadn't heard of this before so he said, "every day is a school day!"

Miss C replied, "except for today. Today is Saturday!"

Wee Z got his Personal Learning Plan home from school on Friday. The PLP records some of their work and targets they have set themselves at the beginning of each term. It also records their awards and achievements. The PLP means I can see how Wee Z is getting on and it also allows for the children to write about some of the things they've enjoyed and learned.

I was excited to see Wee Z's PLP and only slightly mortified when I read this:

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Me & You #5

I'd been, not complaining, but saying how hard it is for Husband and I to get a night out together and then I looked back at our Me & You photos for this year and, so far, every one we've taken on either a day or a night out!

This photo was taken on a friend's birthday night out. We started off in a pub that sells quite cheap drink and then headed round to a pub that sells not so cheap drink but plays pretty good music.

What I love about Husband and I is, we don't take ourselves too seriously. I've always been quite loud, once you get to know me and Husband is a complete extrovert. Together, we like to be silly and have fun.

When we have to be serious, we are, but most of the time, we just like to have fun and laugh. With each other. At each other. Our motto is pretty much, live, laugh and love.

dear beautiful

Sunday, 18 May 2014

The Week That Was #19

Last Sunday, we woke up feeling a bit tired from partying hard the night before. I contemplated eating some Krispy Kremes for breakfast but decided it probably wasn't a good idea. Our friends came over in time for Miss C's horse riding lesson. We went along to watch her and then headed to the horse shop to get Miss C some jodhpurs for wearing to lessons. Our friends stayed for lunch and headed home just as the thunder and lightening started! The kids had swimming lessons to go to before dinner and were both very tired after their Papa let them stay up til 10pm the night before.

On Monday, it was back to school and nursery for the kids. I picked Miss C up from nursery and because it was such a miserable day, we stayed indoors and played some Orchard Toys games. When it was time to go and get Wee Z from school, the rain had gone away so we decided to walk. Sadly, the rain came back just in time for Wee Z coming out of school so we had to run all the way home.

On Tuesday, I picked Miss C up from nursery and we took a walk in to town after lunch to collect some stuff. Thankfully the rain held off and we were knackered by the time we got home! We received some Snazaroo face paint to try out. The packs we received are themed around the World Cup, which starts soon! Wee Z got really excited when he saw all the flags on the faces on the front of the packaging. We decided to go with a Scotland flag, being Scottish and all, and I used the Snazaroo pens. The face paint went on easily and gave good coverage. I'm just not that great at face painting, as you can see! These are the only face paints I'd use on the kids because they are hypoallergenic and non-toxic. They also wipe off easily with a baby wipe.

On Wednesday, Miss C and I spent the day indoors as we were both feeling rubbish. Miss C had a terrible cough and I had a really sore throat. Plenty of cuddles in bed whilst watching Sofia the First was just what the Doctor ordered.

On Thursday, I was helping out at nursery in the morning. I was knackered by the end of it. Kids have way too much energy! Miss C and I came home for lunch and then went to the shops to pick up some bits. We picked Wee Z up after school and the kids played outside whilst I hoovered the car. Wee Z had karate in the evening and got invited to move up to the next class!

On Friday, it started off grey and gloomy but by 11am, it was lovely and warm but a bit windy. The perfect washing day! Miss C and I were still feeling under the weather so we decided to stay in and play. We picked Wee Z up and came home to do some colouring in. After dinner, the kids played outside and then we decided to watch The Lion King.

On Saturday, I had to work in the morning but I came home to a lovely surprise from the kids; a new handbag. We watched the finale of Masterchef and then headed in to town to pick up some bits and a birthday present for my FIL. After dinner, we all watched Britain's Got Talent together.

My Sunday Photo #3


Saturday, 17 May 2014

365 Project 2014 - Days 124 - 137

Day 124 - Holding hands
Day 125 - Yummy chicken dinner
Day 126 - Some new books from Random House
Day 127 - Playing with the Sylvanian Families
Day 128 - Love my girl
Day 129 - Painting fairies
Day 130 - Selfie outside the pub

Day 131 - Krispy Kreme for breakfast
Day 132 - Playing some Orchard Toys games
Day 133 - Making a card for Daddy
Day 134 - Walking through the park
Day 135 - Cake
Day 136 - Feeling a bit under the weather but still smiling
Day 137 - A present from the kids

TheBoyandMe's 365 Linky

Colours of Spring #CountryKids

The colours of Spring
Are magical
They are full of life
And promise
That soon Summer will be here

After miserable days
Finally some sun
To enjoy the fresh air
A walk
A run
A carry on the shoulders

Green and vibrant
Yellow and striking
Blue skies
Summer is coming

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Friday, 16 May 2014

Flashback Friday - Miss C from Baby to One

It is less than two weeks until my baby turns five. This is slightly scary to me. My princess is growing up far too fast.

I put together a little video of her first year and I was going to give it to her on her fifth birthday but then I decided to make a video of her over the years, right up to her 5th birthday. However, I thought I'd still share the First Year video.

I can't believe she was ever that small.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Up Close and Personal #TheGallery

On Saturday afternoon, we headed to Edinburgh to meet our new nephew. We were all so excited to see him. Well, Husband, Wee Z and I were excited to see him. Miss C was excited to see Thomas...

...Thomas the guinea pig.

When we went through to Edinburgh a few weeks ago, before my cousin had given birth, Miss C was totally taken with Thomas. She loves animals, so it came as no surprise that she wanted to hold him and cuddle him. Thomas is so used to being handled, he's really good with kids, and will sit and purr and squeak happily when he's getting a cuddle.

Whilst I was cuddling the new baby, Miss C was cuddling Thomas. She then let Daddy have a hold and came in for this picture.

She then decided that Thomas needed a little kiss from her...

Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Exploring and Being Adventurers with Mothercare

A few weeks ago, we received a fantastic hamper filled with goodies from Mothercare/ELC. My local Mothercare/ELC really only caters for young children and babies but I do love the range of clothes and toys for older children available at larger stores and online.

The idea of the hamper was to encourage the kids to get outdoors and have fun, looking for insects and birds, all whilst wearing clothes from the Mothercare range that are well-made so they stand up to the everyday roughness of children running around, climbing things and getting rather muddy.

Imaginative Tips to Make Your Home Feel Warmer and Larger

If you have been used to living abroad and you miss that sense of space, there are some easy pointers that will create an impression that you have moved to a larger space. Without realising it, there is a growing mountain of clutter which does happen when children start appearing on the scene! We can suggest some easy steps without putting a dent into your finances and there will be no need to move (unless you want to rent your home and live abroad for a while that is!).

Update the furnishing with a few touches of the extraordinary
Creating the modern home with classic details can be achieved through understanding the art of using function and form, then introducing these elements for high impact. The living room is your place to relax as well as the perfect setting for social gatherings, and you can complement your furniture with exquisite accessories to complete the look. Free standing lamps and ornaments have the wow factor and are bang-on trend. Lampcommerce has introduced its freestanding matching chair and lamp that will suit a study or a dining area as well as your living room.

The Trompe l’Oeil effect
To elongate the body, you can wear vertical stripes and the same applies to your room. If you feel your space really needs that extra width and height, a striped floor will trick the eye into believing the room is gigantic, and the same applies to your walls too. Make your rooms seem even bigger still by adding a massive mirror and choose a neutral colour for the illusion of space. When decorating, try and use transparent table tops or see through furniture in glass inserts which will give the same impression of expansiveness; however if you have small children, perhaps wait a couple of years before you use this last tip...

Modernise your lighting to create light and harmony
Every room will have perhaps one fixed lighting fixture but you can develop a harmonious atmosphere everywhere from the kitchen (with spotlights for working surfaces and eating areas) to the living and dining room and the children’s rooms (where there will be different lighting for day and night plus additional lamps on bedside tables for reading). Putting soft pink bulbs will allow for warmth over the walls that you will notice instantly. The lighting will enhance the element of space to the home...

Uncluttered rooms with storage
Now that the children are here, there is noticeably more of everything lying around. There are so many compact storage units that double up as bunk beds and also look great. Other units can be stored in a cupboard to create more room. These can be used in the bathrooms for all the knickknacks, the children’s bedrooms and the play room. Let imagination in and create even more space too.

Your home changes styles all the time: by keeping to the basic principles of light and space, it will always be warm and welcoming.

Guest post

Sunday, 11 May 2014

The Week That Was #18

Last Sunday, I woke up just before 10 and was feeling a bit delicate. The kids joined me in bed, after their breakfast, to watch Masterchef and have a cuddle. Lazy Sunday mornings are the best! When I eventually got up, I cleaned up and made dinner for after swimming lessons. The kids did great at swimming lessons!

On Monday, we had a nice long lie until almost 10am. We got up, had breakfast and then Husband and I did a workout. We were knackered after it. The kids enjoyed playing with Lego and building lots of things. In the afternoon, I did my ironing whilst we caught up with Britain's Got Talent. Husband went out for a ride on his bike. It was a very relaxing day and had it not been for the fact I had to go to work at 6pm, it would have been the perfect Bank Holiday!



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