Monday, 30 June 2014

A Full Set

On Thursday, when I picked Z up from school, I noticed a sticker on his t-shirt.

It was a sticker we'd been secretly hoping Z would get but we weren't sure if he had gotten enough stars to get it this year.

There it was, still stuck to his t-shirt but starting to peel off at the sides...

...his DIAMOND award.

Z achieved the full set of awards at school and we are super proud of him. Z works so hard at school and always has excellent behaviour. I'm really pleased the school have something in place to recognise those children who consistently do well.

Z, as always, was very modest about it all.

A treat for him is definitely on the cards.

Me & Mine #6

This isn't the best photo of us. Truth be told, it's a rushed effort from us this month because we've been so busy with meetings at school to discuss Z, helping out at nursery, work and all the other bits inbetween. I don't think we've had many days where we've all been together!

The only time we have a family dinner together is at the weekend. Well, it's only ever on a Saturday. Some Sundays we'll have dinner together and some Fridays we'll have dinner together but we definitely have dinner together every Saturday. So here we are having dinner together, a rare treat, and we're enjoying fajitas!

June was an exciting month for me. I handed in my notice at work as I'm leaving in August to pursue something else. More on that in another post but I'm really, really excited. I've been with my employer for ten years which is a really long time these days. I'm also very excited and chuffed to bits with my new car we picked up last Friday. It's gorgeous and very sporty.

Husband has been working really hard. He's been at work and then he's been helping out a neighbour with revamping their garden. He enjoyed taking me out on his bike for the first time, I think. It was fun for me but not something I'll be doing again in a hurry!

Z has enjoyed his last month at school and has done superbly. He's coming on at Karate too and has really enjoyed his Kata classes the club started recently. He's really looking forward to the Summer holidays though, so he can enjoy a break from everything. He definitely deserves it.

Miss C has enjoyed her last month in nursery. After the holidays, she'll be a big school girl and she is so excited. She's enjoyed having play dates with her friends and going horse riding and riding herself.

I can't believe we will be more than half way through the year tomorrow! Scary!

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Sunday, 29 June 2014

The Week That Was #24

Last Sunday, Miss C went to horse riding. She had a brilliant lesson and was riding herself for part of it. She was feeling brave and took her hands off the saddle when she was trotting, practising her up and downs whilst just holding her reins. She did brilliantly. The kids didn't have swimming lessons because their was an event on at the pool so Wee Z went to play some golf with his God Father. He had a brilliant time.

On Monday, it was back to school and nursery for the last week of term! After I finished work, Miss C rode her bike and I walked to school to collect Z. The kids played outside with their friends both before and after dinner. Poor Miss C managed to fall in a jaggy bush!

On Tuesday, I had the day off and so did Miss C. The nursery was closed for a meeting. We spent the day playing indoors and then outside when it wasn't raining. We rode the bikes to school to collect Z and then went to the DRs for a check-up and some more hayfever medicine. On the way home, Z saw one of his friends playing in the park so I let them play together for a little while. We eventually made it home after 5pm, ready for our dinner!

On Wednesday, I was back to work. When I came home, Miss C and I played with her baby and she helped me eat my lunch. It was raining at school pick-up time so we went in the car to get Z. We spent the rest of the afternoon drawing, watching TV and playing "sausage rolls!"

On Thursday, I was off work so I went to help at nursery. I'm so glad I did as there was a yummy homemade pavlova for break time. It was delicious! After nursery, Miss C and I had lunch and then went to get some food shopping. I didn't need much as we're on holiday next week but I still managed to spend £90! We picked Z up from school and dropped in some presents to teachers to say thank you for all their help with Z this year.

On Friday, it was the last day of school and nursery! After nursery, Husband took Miss C and I to pick up our anniversary present; a new car. Miss C had a great time in the BMW garage practising her typing skills. The guy who looks after us there was pretty much ready to hire her! School was out for Summer at 1pm. I arranged for the kids to have a friend each over, so we collected Miss C's friend and then picked Z and his best friend up from school. They had fun playing together; the girls got dressed up as fairies and they watched a movie whilst the boys played Xbox. I had peace to get my nails done, ready for going on holiday! The kids had a great time!

On Saturday, I had to work in the morning. After work, I came home and finished the packing. Miss C and I got our hair done whilst Husband and Z watched the football. It was an early night for all, ready to leave for our holidays in the morning.

My Sunday Photo #5

Saturday, 28 June 2014

365 Project 2014 Days 174 - 180

Day 174 - Off to practise his swing with his God Father
Day 175 - Wee cutie ready for nursery
Day 176 - The swan enjoying the view
Day 177 - Miss C the sausage roll
Day 178 - A tea time treat at nursery
Day 179 - Holidays nails
Day 180 - Helping pump up Miss C's tyres

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Friday, 27 June 2014

Flashback Friday - Another School Year Over

This photo was taken on Z's first day back at school last year.

The kids had made a time-capsule when they started back. They drew around their hands, drew pictures of themselves and checked their height. This week, they opened their time-capsules and found out just how much they had grown over the last 10 months. Z has grown a whole 17.5cms! He seems to have a thing about .5 as when he was born, he weighed 7lbs 13.5 oz!

I have noticed a huge difference in Z in the last 10 months. He has such a wide vocabulary and often uses fancier words when he's talking. Mind you, he can still revert back to talking like a 7 year old and laughs when you start talking toilet humour.

He has excelled with his school work again this year. Where he gets these brains from, I don't know but he loves to learn and has a real thirst for knowledge. Sadly, that has seen him become a bit bored in class when he is doing something that he doesn't find interesting, like colouring in pictures of cute Easter chicks, as his teacher told me.

He still has the same best friends even though they haven't been in the same class this year. He has also made new friends and his teacher described him as a popular young boy with all the children.

I blogged recently about our decision to move Z up a year and the reasons for that. I will share the outcome of those meetings one day but for now, we are so proud of boy. He takes everything in his stride. He is confident, mature, caring, lively, fun, interested and interesting, thoughtful, compassionate, stubborn, ambitious and so much more. I couldn't be more proud of him and we are so proud to call him our son.

Here's to more of the same from August this year, when our baby starts school along with her brother!

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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Funny Things My Kids Say #31

We were talking with Z about school and started teasing him about girls. Girls are just friends to Zach at the moment but we still like to ask him if he has a girlfriend.

Husband said to Z, "how would a girl get a boy's attention?"

And before Z could answer, Miss C pipes in, "by showing off your boobs!"

I've been writing down these gems in a lovely notebook I received along with some gorgeous, sparkly Pilot Pens. Keeping this blog means I'll be able to look back on the antics my two got up to but it's also nice to write things down and keep little books or diaries, where you can turn the pages and feel the paper between your fingertips.

I'm loving the Pilot Pens too. They are so pretty and glittery! I loved glitter pens when I was younger, especially the strawberry scented ones, and writing my Christmas cards in gold and silver or red and green sparkles.

Do you like to write things in notebooks? Do you keep a paper diary?

I received the notebook and Pilot Pens for the purposes of a review. The opinions expressed are my own. Except the one about the boobs...Miss C came up with that all on her own!

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

The Longest Day #TheGallery

The longest day, Saturday, really was the longest day. Miss C woke up, screaming, as there was a fly in her room. When I looked over at the clock, it was 5.30am. She begged to come in to my bed so the scary fly wouldn't get her and I agreed. Husband was up at 6am for work so within 10 minutes of getting her settled again, she was awake with the alarm going off.

She eventually went back to sleep until my alarm went off at 7:30.

The rest of the day was spent cleaning the house and taking Z to Karate. Miss C was in a perky mood despite her early rise. I was struggling to keep my eyes open by 11am.

It was a beautiful day, on the longest day. The sun was shining but there was a lovely breeze too. After dinner, the kids asked if they could go for a bike ride. We walked behind them as they pedalled as fast as their legs would take them.

We ended up at a small park and the kids had a great time playing together. I love this photo I took of Z pushing Miss C on the swings. She's looking over her shoulder at him in complete admiration for her brother. It's moments like those that make the longest days, literally, so worth while.

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Monday, 23 June 2014

Bike Riding

We bought Z his BMX bike last year. It was still a little bit big for him but he managed to go it once we got him started.

These last few weeks, with the weather being better, Z has asked to go out on his bike more. He is now big enough to ride it properly and can start himself without any help.

He loves being outside on his bike, enjoying some independence. My Sister and I used to love going out on our bikes at my Gran's house. We'd ride up and down the pavement along her busy main road from first thing in the morning til as late as possible.

Luckily we live in a pretty enclosed area so there isn't much traffic and Z is loving the freedom to go where he pleases, within his boundaries of course, on his bike.


Sunday, 22 June 2014

The Week That Was #23

Last Sunday, Father's Day, we got up at 10am! I got on with the housework whilst Husband took the kids in to town to see if he could get his phone fixed. He managed to crack the screen whilst it was in his pocket. After lunch, we had a lazy afternoon and then went to swimming lessons. It was the last lesson in the block so the kids got to have some fun with the floats and on the slide. We went out for dinner to a lovely Chinese restaurant and we were stuffed when we finished our meal.

On Monday, it was back to work for me and school and nursery for the kids. It was a beautiful day and we spent the afternoon outdoors, enjoying the sunshine.

On Tuesday, the sun was shining again and thank goodness it was as it was Z's sports day. Sadly I missed it because I had to work but he says he enjoyed himself. After school, the kids played outside with the neighbour's grandchildren.

On Wednesday, my hayfever was causing me a lot of grief. I always look forward to Summer until the hayfever kicks in and then I'm sneezing or itching. The kids enjoyed playing outside together, playing football and jumping on the trampoline. They don't seem to be suffering which is a huge bonus!

On Thursday, I was feeling awful. My hayfever was really bad. I could hardly breathe and my eyes were swollen. The kids spent the day in the garden although Z had a quick break to do some research on Theta Eridani...apparently it's a star!

On Friday, we had a meeting with the school about Z. You can read about my two of my posts about Z and his school life here and here. The meeting didn't go as planned. Instead of it being a meeting to talk about how to make the transition for Z moving up a year as smooth as possible, it felt like someone had been sent to put us off the idea, even though they said they didn't have the authority to move Z up a year. Our time was wasted and we were no further forward! A frustrating morning to say the least. Miss C had her sports day at nursery and we were lucky enough to catch the end of it when we came out of the meeting. All my anger was taken out on the Mum's race which I won!

On Saturday, Husband had to work so I got on with the housework and took Z to karate. In the afternoon, the kids enjoyed playing outside on their bikes and we took a stroll down to a nearby park. It was a beautiful evening!

Saturday, 21 June 2014

365 Project 2014 Days 167 - 173

Day 167 - Out for dinner for Father's Day
Day 168 - Miss C took her pony book to nursery
Day 169 - Enjoying the sunshine in shorts and t-shirt
Day 170 - Playing out on the grass
Day 171 - Yummy dinner of spaghetti with prawns
Day 172 - Sports Day!
Day 173 - Helping with the housework

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Fun in the Sun #CountryKids

Fun in the sun
Playing outdoors
Practising ball skills
Rolling on the grassy floor

Scooter rides
Down the hill
Going faster and faster
Enjoying the thrill

Fun in the sun
Summer is on its way
Fun in the sun
The best kind of play

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Friday, 20 June 2014

Flashback Friday - Miss C's First Summer

These photos were taken almost to the date in 2010 which was Miss C's first proper Summer. She wasn't walking but she was crawling and cruising and loved being outside with her brother.

That Summer was a scorcher. We had a paddling pool up for most of the Summer and the kids loved going in it to cool down and splash around.

Z loved trying to score baskets in the basketball hoop and Miss C loved sliding in to the water.

Not much has changed with our outdoor Summer activities; they just have a bigger pool!

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Me & You #6

Relationships are built on trust, love, friendship and more trust. This month, I proved how much trust I have in Husband by doing something he's been pestering me to do since he got it...

...I got on his bike and went for a ride.

With the kids at their Friday club, it was the perfect opportunity for Husband to take me out on the back of his Bandit. The sky was blue, the sun was shining and the roads were dry. Perfect driving conditions.

I know that Husband is a very sensible bike rider. I know he likes to go fast but he's not an idiot. I worry more about the drivers who don't think to look for bikes, they just think to look for cars.

I put on the helmet and some protective clothing and jumped on the back, ready to go. My car is fast and if I need it to move, it can move pretty quick but I wasn't prepared for the acceleration from this bike. If it was a car, it would be a pretty speedy sports car.

We went out on to the main road, and through the town back to the house. We were only on the bike for about five minutes but it was really fun. The wind blowing around us was great apart from when it was blowing in my face. I had to put my visor down!

I didn't feel unsafe. That's trust for you! However, I won't be taking up the hobby myself. I much prefer 4 wheels to 2.

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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Dublin Kite Festival

One of my absolute favourite Disney songs is from the film Mary Poppins called Let's go Fly a Kite. Kite flying is such a fun activity to do with the kids. You just need a perfect windy day and a kite and you're ready to have some fun. Which is why the Dublin Kite Festival sounds like a really fun day out for the whole family!

This weekend, the Dublin Kite Festival hosts their second annual event in North Bull Island, Clontarf. On 22nd June, kite fliers from Ireland and overseas will come together for the festival to show off their kite skills and enjoy a day of fun in the fresh air. Hotel Direct have some great offers on places to stay in Dublin so you can make a weekend of it.

The Dublin Kite Festival is free to go to and the location offers beautiful scenery and a beach so you can enjoy the sunshine and maybe a picnic. You don't have to be a pro kite flier to join in the fun; there is a kite making workshop for the kids, where they can make their own kite and take part in a competition to see who makes the best kite. There will also be lively music, exciting games and plenty of activities for the kids to take part in.

If flying a kite yourself isn't your thing, you can simply sit back and enjoy watching the pro kite fliers put on a stunning display of stunts and techniques that will definitely fill the sky with beautiful colours.

This sounds like a really fun day out for all the family to enjoy! It's nice to get away for the weekend somewhere new and try something a bit different, which this certainly is.

What outdoor activities do you like to do as a family? Are there any festivals nearby you this Summer that take your fancy?

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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Breathe #TheGallery

This is what I love about Summer. Green. Everywhere.

Just seeing the flowers blooming and the bees buzzing around them, filling their bellies, the smell of freshly cut grass and the trees, laden with green leaves, makes me want to breathe in everything around me.

I love Summer!

Apart from the's not so much fun right now.

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Moving Our Child up a Year - Part Two

You can read part one of this story here.

Two weeks ago, Husband and I went to the school to have a meeting with the Deputy Head and the Depute Head to discuss what we wanted to happen with Z for the next school term in August. Having spoken to Z, he wasn't happy that he had been separated from his friends again and wanted to go to Primary 4. If this was an option, Z would be jumping a year. He wouldn't notice it much because he has been working with the year above him anyway and has very strong friendships with the children in the year above him.

Deciding to move your child up a year isn't an easy decision. There are lots of things to consider. Z would be the youngest in his year by minimum 4 months and maximum 1 year and 4 months. There is the worry that he might find the move to hard to deal with. How might he cope socially? Emotionally? What if he found the work too hard? How would he find starting high school a year early? These are all things we would have to take in to consideration when we made this decision.

Our meeting started off with us feeling like we'd have to wait another year for anything to happen. This was frustrating for us because Z, even after the school being told to have this done in Primary 1, has still not been seen by the educational psychologist and this is having a huge impact on the decision to move him up. This person is telling the school that there is no way Z would be able to cope with moving up a year, without having actually spoken to Z.

The Deputy Head asked the psychologist to look in to whether a child had been moved up a year before and whether it could be done. During our meeting, the psychologist called and said that it had never been done before therefore they wouldn't recommend doing it for the social and emotional impact it might have on Z. However, they also said that, as parents, we have a huge impact and say on the decision and should we wish to go ahead, it would be our decision and it would also have to be agreed by the Head of Schools. We were told that this could be in place for Z starting back in August.

The atmosphere in the meeting changed immediately after that. Husband and I hadn't made a decision but we were relieved to know that it was a choice if we wanted to go ahead. We asked how Z was performing academically and his tracking shows he is at the same level as the top current Primary 4 children who would be going in to Primary 5. This is based on in-school assessments however, they believe he'd probably be further ahead if they were to do his independent assessments again. Academically, skipping a year wouldn't be an issue. We were given the weekend to think about it.

Husband and I thought of the pros and cons for moving Z up a year. The biggest con for us was Z sitting his Standard Grades (GCSE equivalent in Scotland) a year earlier and, legally, him not being allowed to leave school at the same time as his friends. The pros would be he would be carrying on at his current level of the curriculum and not having to repeat work, he would be challenged and he would be with his friends. We asked Z about it and he said he wanted to go to Primary 4 so he could do harder work and be with his friends. We don't have concerns that Z will "level out". Our concern is that he loses his love for learning and we believe the only way that can be sustained is with Z continuing to be challenged but also motivated by seeing his friends and having a good social life in school. We don't want him to be the child who is sitting in a room himself, doing his own work and being made to feel like he is different from the other kids. Yes, he might very well be different, but that doesn't mean he needs to be singled out for it.

We spoke to friends, family and even a former Head Teacher, who is a close family friend, about the decision. All agreed that now was the time for Z to be moved up. If he was leaving a group of friends behind by moving up a year, we might have been more reluctant but he isn't. We feel that moving Z up a year is the right decision for Z.

We gave our decision on Monday last week and the ball is now rolling to have a meeting with the Head of Schools to make the final decision. I asked for Z to be seen by the educational psychologist before we meet so they can base their decision on having actually spoken with Z and not just going by "textbook". We should have our meeting on Friday. I'm nervous about it as, of course, they might say no. However, it is my duty as Z's parent to make sure that we get the right decision made for him and I won't give up without a good fight.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

The Dinosaur That Pooped a Planet - Book Review

The Dinosaur That Popped a Planet is the second book we chose to review from our pack of books from Random House. The book appealed to the kids straightaway because it had "toilet talk" on the front cover. This book is written by Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter (yes, from McFly!) and is illustrated by Garry Parrsons. The book follows The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas.

This is the story of Danny and Dinosaur. They go on a rocket in to space on a special mission. Unfortunately, Danny has forgotten to bring Dinosaur's lunch box and he is feeling rather hungry. He starts to eat pretty much anything he can, including their rocket!

Dinosaur has eaten so much, he's at the point of bursting. Danny doesn't know how they are going to get home until Dinosaur starts pooping to relive his very full tummy and this helps propel them back to Earth to Danny's house.

The kids were in hysterics reading this book. Husband read it to them first and he challenged them not to laugh whilst he was reading, knowing fine well that they would fail. Husband and I were both laughing when we were reading the story; it was pretty hard to keep a straight face.

The illustrations are great. The story is really easy to read and builds up to a dramatic boom with Dinosaur. It will definitely keep children of all ages engaged and wanting to read it again and again.

The Dinosaur That Pooped a Planet is available to buy from Amazon.

We received this book for the purposes of a review. The opinions expressed are my own. 

Monday, 16 June 2014

Moving Our Child Up a Year - Part One

When Z was born, like every new parent, we really didn't have a clue what we were doing and sort of just winged it. We also read some books. The trouble with parenting books and raising children is, no two children are alike...not even twins I hear! Therefore, when your child doesn't reach a particular milestone by the time the book you've been reading says they should have, you start to panic a bit. When your child reaches the milestone before the book says they should, you are, of course, a very happy parent.

But what do you do when your child starts doing things that the books say they shouldn't be doing until at least age 3? This was Z. Before he could walk or talk, he was recognising shapes, colours, numbers and letters. He seemed to have the knack for picking things up really quickly. Before he started school, Z could read something like Harry Potter himself, he could do long multiplication, long division and was amazing at mental arithmetic. We believe that Z has a photographic memory or he's pretty much a gifted child.

When it came time for Z to go to school, it was the recommendation of the head of the nursery to have Z seen by the educational psychologist. He was going to go in to a composite class made up of Primary 1 and Primary 2 children. I will always remember the deputy head saying to me, "he'll have forgotten a lot because of the Summer holidays" and phoning me the next day saying, "oh my, I didn't realise how much Z actually knew. I'm going to get him assessed!" 

Z had independent assessments within a few weeks of entering Primary 1. They tested his language, comprehension, spelling and Math skills. He also had a reading test. The tests gave the school an indication of Z's academic age. He came out at 9 years and 2 months. He was 5 years and 3 months at the time of the test. His Math test could not give an age but Z was solving Math problems that Primary 7 children would be learning. Z was moved to the Primary 2 group in his composite class within 3 weeks of starting school and stayed with them for the rest of the school year. He made friends with them all and he was treated like a P2.

For this year, Z carried on in to a different composite class. Because children aren't supposed to do a composite class two years running, Z went in to a class with all new children to him. The composite class was the best setting for him as it allowed him to be around children his age, but work at the same level as the year above. Leaving his friends was hard for him but, because he is so sociable, he made new friends. I know some children a lot older than Z who would have been devastated to be separated from their friends but Z; he knew why he couldn't be with his friends in the same class, and he got on with his work, being treated like he was a P3.

Because of the nature of Z's abilities, we have meetings throughout the year with the school to monitor his progress and to make sure he continues to be challenged. Every school day I ask Z what he did and how he found the work. He always says he finds it easy. A meeting in January with the school ended with us being told Z would be going in to a composite 3/4 however, the school would be unable to sustain a composite for Z in years to come and we would have to start looking to the future.

Until a few weeks ago. I was approached by the Deputy Head and Head at Miss C's induction day. This was also move up day for the school. They told me Z was in a straight P3 class as the composite class was too behind where Z was therefore he would not benefit from that class. Z would go to a P4 class for his Math and Literacy work however, would remain in his P3 class for group work. Z was going to be separated from his friends again and he would have to come out of his new class throughout the day to go in to the same class as his friends to do his work. The reason for this? Because they didn't want to separate Z from children his age. We weren't happy and the straw that broke the camel's back was Z saying, "this would be so much more easy if I was just normal." I told the Head Teacher that I wanted it to see about moving Z up a year. We arranged to meet the following day...

Sunday, 15 June 2014

The Week That Was #22

Last Sunday, I took Miss C horse riding whilst Z stayed with Husband and helped him at a neighbour's house. I picked Z up after horse riding and took the kids out for lunch. The rest of the afternoon was spent at home, relaxing before we had to go to swimming lessons.

On Monday, Miss C and I took a walk in to town after nursery to see the local pharmacist at the minor ailments area in the chemist. We suspected Miss C might have impetigo and were hoping to get an over the counter cream to help. Sadly, the pharmacist said she'd have to go to the Doctors. There were no emergency appointments so we were told to try again in the morning.

On Tuesday, I kept Miss C off nursery and tried to get her an emergency appointment with the DR. It took ages to get through to the surgery but my persistence paid off and we got an appointment for the afternoon. The DR perscribed Miss C some antibiotics and some cream to help clear the sores.

On Wednesday, Miss C's skin had improved a bit but not enough for her to be able to go back to nursery. She was sad because it was the day the nursery had planned to take them all on an outing to soft play. Instead, Miss C cuddled up on the couch to watch The Lion King 2. After lunch we drew some pictures and took a nice stroll to school in the sunshine to get Z.

On Thursday, Miss C was able to go back to nursery and I stayed to help out. After nursery, we came home and add lunch. We nipped to the shops to get a few bits and then picked Z up from school. Dinner was slightly earlier as Z had karate and he goes to an earlier class now since he moved up. He did really well considering he's the youngest in the class and probably the smallest. His instructor gave him his first tab on his green belt for doing so well.

On Friday, Miss C and I watched The Lion King after nursery. I still love watching The Lion King, it was one of the first Disney movies I watched. We headed down to a friend's house before picking Z up from school to drop in a card as they are getting married. After dinner, Miss C and Z went to Friday club. It was Miss C's first time going and she was really excited to go and make some new friends. Husband and I took the child-free opportunity to go for a ride on his motorbike. It was the first time I've ever been on a bike and it was really fun.

On Saturday, I had to work in the morning and I had a busy afternoon too! I dropped Z off at his second Karate class of the day and then came home to get some housework done. I picked Z up and then headed to a friend's house to drop in a gift. Husband spent the day doing some gardening work and then headed out after dinner to watch the football at a friend's house. The kids were exhausted by bedtime after playing outside all day.

My Sunday Photo #5


Saturday, 14 June 2014

Treating Dad on Father's Day

It's Father's Day tomorrow and we always treat Husband to something special on Father's Day. He gets a long lie, a cup of tea in bed and some cards and a present to open. It's a wonderful day to celebrate that special man in your life however, we definitely don't need just one day to tell Husband how much he means to us.

Husband was really lucky to receive some amazing goodies courtesy of the St Enoch Centre in Glasgow's city centre. The St Enoch Centre houses some fantastic shops including two of our personal favourites; Hamleys and the Disney Store. There are also plenty of clothes shops such as Debenhams and BHS. We tend to find almost everything of what we are after when we go shopping in Glasgow at the St Enoch Centre.

Husband received a goodie bag from Arran Aromatics, a Scottish company who sell gorgeous bath and body treats. Inside his bag were some of the Bay Citrus and Driftwood products for men including some shaving gel, face cream and aftershave, which smells lovely. You can find a small Arran Aromatics store inside the St Enoch Centre, stocking beautiful homemade soaps and bath gifts.

There was also a Hotel Chocolat goodie bag filled with yummy chocolate treats, which I have to eat for Husband since he's watching what he's eating! There is a Hotel Chocolat store inside St Enoch Centre too.

As well as plenty of places to shop, there are plenty of places to eat and play. The food court can be busy but there are loads of places to choose from depending on what cuisine you fancy. Husband received some vouchers for Nandos. We've never been to Nandos but we've heard the food is quite good and we are looking forward to trying it. Above the food court is a play area for the kids so they don't have to get dragged around the shops looking at "boring" clothes.

The gifts Husband received from St Enoch Centre are just some of the ideas for Father's Day presents and he was really delighted with them.

What have you got your Dad or Husband for Father's Day?

We received these products for this purposes of this post. The opinions expressed are my own.

365 Project Days 159 - 165

Day 159 - Sneaky Jazzy Cat sneaked in to Miss C's room for a sleep
Day 160 - Walking to town
Day 161 - Miss C really does love her horses
Day 162 - Feeling a bit tired
Day 163 - A tab at Karate for Z
Day 164 - Z engrossed in the football
Day 165 - Miss C enjoying some Scooby Doo before bedtime

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A Second Hack #CountryKids

The second hack for Miss C
Happened last weekend
She chose to ride on Teddy
Who was feeling a bit grumpy

The sun was trying to shine
But the rain was threatening too
Just a typical British Summer
Where the weather doesn't know what to do

Off we went on our hack
Along the country roads
We went passed some horses in a field
Who came up to the fence to say hello

Miss C and Teddy were both tired
Teddy was blinking a lot 
Trying to stay awake
The hack had taken it out of him

The riding lesson was lots of fun
Despite the unpredictable weather
So nice to get outside on the horses
And enjoy some fresh air

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Friday, 13 June 2014

Flashback Friday - Turning Seven

A few weekends ago, Z played host to his friends at the house for his birthday. We had arranged a pizza party with plenty of pizza (of course) and yummy treats for the boys to enjoy. We also agreed his friends could stay over. This was Z's first sleepover and he was really excited.

The weather all week had been dreadful. I was having visions of four boys running around my house, suffering from cabin fever. I had to work first thing on the Saturday and it wasn't looking good weather wise. Thankfully, by lunch time, the sky was blue and the sun was beating down on us. Husband got the pool out and started filling it, just in time for the boys arriving. A quick text to parents to tell them to bring swim stuff and we were ready to party.

The pool went down a treat and the kids were soon jumping in, splashing each other and having a great time. Husband and I just sat in our deck chairs and enjoyed the sun. They were in the pool for at least 3 and half hours! We couldn't have hoped for a better day for them. By the time it was time to come out for dinner, they were already looking a bit tired!

The food went down a treat. As usual, I made enough to feed the 500! We brought out Z's birthday cake, which was a Lego inspired cake, and we all sang Happy Birthday to him. The cake was quickly demolished and then off they went to play outside again. We went to visit Z's God Father to pick his birthday present, his own set of golf clubs, and the kids were happy throwing a tennis ball to each other. My friends couldn't believe how well they were playing and actually enjoying throwing a ball around!

When we got home, the boys all changed in to their jammies and, along with Miss C, they watched a film with some snacks. By 10pm, they were ready for sleeping. I was really surprised to find them all asleep within 10 minutes. They must have been shattered! I went to bed shortly after as I thought I might be up early with them and I wasn't wrong. They were wide awake by 7am!

The boys stayed for lunch and went home around 12.30. They were all so well behaved and I think they all had a great time. Z really enjoyed himself too.

For Z's birthday, we went out for dinner to our favourite Italian restaurant and he had pizza for tea. His favourite! Turning seven was pretty good for my boy!

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