Saturday, 31 January 2015

365 Project 2015 Days 25 - 31

Day 25 - All set for the Darceys brochure launch
Day 26 - A spot of tetris before school for Z
Day 27 - My roses from Husband are blooming
Day 28 - The snow is back!
Day 29 - Miss C modelling her new Winter goodies from Vertbaudet
Day 30 - A pizza feast for Z and his best friend
Day 31 - Building a den for the Blue Nose Friends

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The Black and White Photo Project #29

Me & Mine 2015 - January

Another year has begun and already we are at the end of the first month. I'm not going to go on and on about how fast the year seems to be pass this year though. I'll focus on making every moment we have together as memorable as possible. It may be something amazing or it may be something as simple as an afternoon at a local coffee shop having some cake. Our photos this month aren't great because we used my phone and we had it on "selfie mode". I'm seriously considering getting a selfie stick.

After a full two weeks off at Christmas, I was ready to go back to college on January 5th. I had a closed book assessment on health and passed it. I had two reports to hand in which I passed and all my other work from the first semester had been handed in before Christmas and passed. This month has been a pretty easy ride for me at college. Until Monday just gone that is. Semester 2 has begun and already I have a lot of work to do. However I think if I just keep chipping away at it, doing the work as I get it, I'll be fine. I'll cope.

Husband enjoyed his Christmas break and was raring to go (well maybe not!) back to work. Once he was back it felt like he had never been away. We celebrated his birthday this month with a meal with very good friends. It was a really fun and tasty night. Then, on his actual birthday, the kids and I took him to Frankie & Bennys for dinner.

I don't think Z was too fussed about going back to school since he was enjoying all the time he had to do what he wanted to do. Having said that, he's working hard as always and continues to do well at school. He's enjoyed having play dates with his best friend where they've been comparing notes on the Beano annuals and Minecraft.

Whilst Z wasn't too fussed about going back to school, Miss C really wasn't that keen. She loves being at home and being around all of her toys and cuddly pets. However she must have been doing well as she got Pupil of the Week! She has also been enjoying the free school meals all children in Primary 1- 3 get in Scotland now. She's not a huge packed lunch fan so she's been loving having a hot lunch meal every day. Miss C had a play date this month too with her best friend. They dressed up and played Princesses. They were so cute!

dear beautiful

Friday, 30 January 2015

Keeping Warm with Vertbaudet - Review

Last week I wrote a post about some of the gorgeous Winter clothes available from Vertbaudet and mentioned that we would be reviewing some of their pieces. Well, we've received some lovely items and the kids have been feeling cosy whilst the snow has been falling.

First up are the accessories. I don't let the kids leave the house for school without a hat, scarf and gloves on at the moment, which they hate of course. Too many things for them to carry about at school apparently. But they do need them because it is so cold and it isn't fun having really cold hands and heads!

I love the colour lilac/purple on Miss C; I think she really suits it. She's been looking for a snood for ages and I have to agree that it is much easier for her to put on than a scarf is. It also means she won't be using it as a lead for playing dogs at school. The mittens are really cute and I love that they can be opened up and buttoned back to make fingerless gloves; really handy for eating snack in the playground. Z's hat, scarf and glove set are such a beautiful and unusual colour combination, which is great when every single boy in your class is wearing a navy or black hat, scarf and glove set. They also remind him of his favourite character Dennis the Menace, even though they aren't black and red. 

The hat, snood and mittens set costs £17 and are available in lilac, grey marl and olive for age 2 up to age 14. 

The hat, scarf and gloves set costs £17 and available in age 2 to age 14.

I'm a huge fan of Vertbaudet jackets, so much so that we have quite a collection. They are always so well made and great for whatever weather we need them for. They wash really well too. They have handy pockets and are easy to fasten or zip up and often have really handy extras like being reversible or, like this one, which has a detachable fleece body warmer. 

This 3-in-1 parka is available in plum, petrol blue (which is the one we have), orange and fuchsia print. The hood comes with a removable fur trim which is great as I hate when it rains and the fur gets wet. It tends to stick to your face which is really not nice. The parka is made with showerproof fabric so rain doesn't go through the coat, making it damp on Miss C. There is also a reflective patch at the back of the parka for visibility which is really great as we're still walking to school in the dark some mornings. 

This is an age 6 on Miss C, who currently wears an age 4 jacket from another company to school. It fits really well and there is still room for her to grow in to it. She was delighted to wear it along with her hat, snood and mittens. I think they go well together too! 

The 3-in-1 Parka costs £35 and is available in age 2 up to age 14. Vertbaudet also stock a good range of jackets for boys too. 

Another way to keep warm in the Winter is by layering tops. The kids will usually have a vest, a long sleeve top and a jumper on if we're going out in the cold.

This hooded sweater from Vertbaudet is really soft and cosy but not too heavy; it's just right! I love the red trim around the hood and the cute heart motif on the chest. This is an age 6 and is still a bit big for Miss C to wear just now but will do her good at horse riding to wear over her body protector. It's available in two colours; strawberry or cream and costs £22. You can buy it from age 2 to age 14. 

Vertbaudet have a fantastic sale on their Winter items just with up to 60% off. With the cold weather not looking like it's going to leave us any time soon, I might need to get stocking up. 

We received these items of clothing from Vertbaudet for the purposes of a review. The opinions expressed are my own. 

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Glitterbelle - Review

Glitterbelle is a Princess who is brand new to Parragon Books. She loves to have fun with her friends and she loves all things glittery. We received two of the activity books from the Glitterbelle range to review.

The first book we received is the Glitterbelle: Me and You journal. This is a fun diary that children can fill in themselves or share with friends. It asks questions about their friends, what they like to do and what their dreams are. It is a bit old for Miss C to use herself but it's something that I'm sure she will love when she is a bit older. This is similar to the books I had when I was younger and I loved filling them in. The book is hardback so it won't wear easily with lots of opening and closing and it has a lovely purple glittery elastic band to keep the diary closed. The pages are really pretty and beautifully illustrated. It would make a great gift as a small present for a birthday party.

The second book we received is Glitterbelle: Doodle, Dazzle, Create! This book features a story with Glitterbelle and her two best friends planning a sleepover at the palace. The book encourages children to join in with the story and get creative by making tiaras or colouring in pictures. It also comes with a mini notepad tin that can easily be carried in a pencil case or bag. This book was more suited to Miss C's age and she enjoyed looking through the book and deciding which activities she wanted to do first. Again the pages of the book are really pretty and fun with easy to follow instructions throughout.

Also in the Glitterbelle range is a storybook called Glitterbelle: The Sparkliest Princess Ever and a dress-up sticker book called Glitterbelle: Dazzling Dress Up.

All of these books are available to buy from Amazon.

We received these books for the purposes of a review. The opinions expressed are my own. 

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Everybody Learns Lexia Reading Program - Review

We recently received quite a few workbooks aimed at both Miss C and Z from Everybody Learns to review. Everybody Learns is a group of teachers who believe they can make a difference to a child's learning. They use the Lexia Reading program which is used worldwide but in only 10% of UK schools. The program focuses on learning phonics in a fun way. The books we received are designed by teachers and they aim to develop phonic skills through a variety of structured reading and writing activities.

Miss C is currently learning to read at school. She has learnt all of her sounds using the Jolly Phonics program. She took to it quite quickly however she'll only read when she feels like it. So I was really surprised when she picked up one of her workbooks and started working her way through it herself. Miss C received the Lexia Reading and Writing Workbooks for Younger Children, Levels 1-4. Each level has 2 workbooks with an average of 49 pages. Miss C loved all the pictures in the books and wanted to colour them all in when she had finished each page.

Here's a bit about what each level focuses on:

Level 1 - Letter formation (a-z), matching sounds to letters (a-z), reading and spelling three and four letter words.
Level 2 - Reading and spelling words with blends (FR in frog, NG in wing), reading and spelling words containing digraphs (CH in chop, SH in fish) and reading and writing sentences.
Level 3 - Reading and spelling words with a silent "e", learning the meaning of words and comprehension questions.
Level 4 - Reading and spelling words containing vowel digraphs (OI in point, OA in float), reading and spelling two syllable words and further comprehension questions.

The books are well put together and have a lot of repetition in order to reinforce the learning the child is doing. Each page has something slightly different though to keep the child engaged. Miss C has been working her way through the first workbook and it's amazing to see just how much she knows from what she has learnt at school.

Z couldn't wait to get stuck in to his books; the Level 3 and Level 4 Lexia Strategies for Older Students Reading and Writing Workbooks. There are 2 books in each level (Level 1-4) with an average of 50 pages in each book. Z is working his way through the Level 3 books confidently.

Here's a bit about what these two levels focus on:

Level 3 - Reading and spelling words with suffixes (jumper or rusty), reading and spelling two syllable words and reading paragraphs and stories.
Level 4 - Reading paragraphs of information and answering comprehension questions.

Everybody Learns also have an interactive course called the Lexia Home Reading Course that you can subscribe to and use on a computer, laptop, Mac, iPad and most Android tablets. There are various subscription packages that you can buy which will then give you access to the Lexia Home Reading Course to use straightaway. The workbooks can be used alongside the course too!

For the complete set of workbooks, they are currently priced at £24.99 for the Level 1-4 books aimed at older children. The complete set for younger children is currently sold out however you can buy individual levels which contain 2 workbooks for £8.48. I feel these are quite reasonably priced for the quality and content of the workbooks.

I love workbooks like these that I can use at home with the kids. I tend to bulk buy workbooks just before the Summer holidays so the kids can carry on with some work during the break. I think it's important for them to keep their brains active.

We received these workbooks for the purposes of a review. The opinions expressed are my own. 

Play #TheGallery

“It is a happy talent to know how to play.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Studying for my HNC in Early Education has taught me a lot of things but the most important thing and most repeated thing I have learnt is that children need play in order to learn. They thrive on having play in their lives. They use it to build knowledge of the world around them. They use it to process new thoughts and ideas. They use it to bring purpose and meaning in to everything they see and do. 

My children, of course, love to play. Sometimes they don't play together but when they is magical. They play with Miss C's animals together or they'll build LEGO creations together. They love to play Minecraft together. When they are outside, they love to play on the trampoline or ride their bikes or play games together. 

I love this picture from Summer when Z and Miss C were playing at the park. Miss C was loving having Z push her on the swings. I can just picture her when she's older telling her children or grandchildren how her brother used to push her on the swings when they played together. 

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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

What I've Been Wearing #4

At the weekend I tend to laze about in my clothes I call my "comfies". I'll remove the "comfies" and replace them with jeans and a top for swimming lessons or if we go out anywhere during the day but otherwise, I'm lounging from Friday through to Sunday.

Last Sunday I attended the 2015 brochure launch for Darceys. I knew I couldn't turn up there in my "comfies" so here's what I wore:

I'd been hunting for a leather (faux) jacket for awhile during the Summer. I had seen a couple in New Look but it was this one in Lispy that caught my eye. I bought it for my birthday in October so I haven't had the chance to wear it out often. 

My dress I actually picked up in the New Look sale on Saturday for a grand total of £5.00. I love the shape a skater dress gives me. I have quite a straight frame apart from my boobs so I love how a skater dress make me look more hour glass shaped. They are also great for hiding a post-Christmas belly!

I tend not to shop in Primark often because I don't think the clothes last at all and the shop nearest us is quite faraway. Having said that, I've had these leggings for a little while now and they still look like new. I always wear leggings under my dresses in the Winter as they are much warmer than tights. 

Husband got me these biker style ankle boots for Christmas. I'd been after a pair for ages and I think these just pull the outfit together. I'm a bit of a rock chick so these are a favourite of mine to wear with my dresses or with skinny jeans and a vest top. 

Perfume wise I had to go with Pomegranate Noir by Jo Malone since I was off to a Darceys event. Darceys Noir is one of my favourite scented melts as it is just like Pomegranate Noir. As I was going to swimming lessons after the event, I didn't bother with any make-up as the waiting area is roasting! I just stuck to some of my favourite Vaseline lipbalm to add a touch of pink to my lips. 

Monday, 26 January 2015

The First Tea Set

Miss C got her first china tea set when she was just 21 months old. She loved getting out of its little picnic hamper storage case, setting all the cups on the saucers and using the little teapot to pour us all a mini cup of tea.

It didn't last long, of course, in the hands of a 21 month old. One of the cups broke first and then it was the sugar pot. We eventually got rid of it when the teapot cracked. We opted for a plastic one instead.

 photo 4d06e438-4e6a-4f3b-88b2-0c1093350397_zps361ad0e9.jpg

Sunday, 25 January 2015

The Week That Was #4

Last Sunday, it was Husband's birthday. The kids ran in to our bedroom at 8am to sing Happy Birthday. As we had already given Husband his present, Z went to his piggy bank and got £10 out to give to Husband as a gift. Z is such a thoughtful boy! Of course, Husband didn't accept it! The roads outside were dreadful from the snow turning to ice and there was no way I was going to drive anywhere. Husband volunteered to take Miss C to horse riding as he is a confident driver in the snow. After horse riding and lunch, Miss C had a birthday party to attend. She had a great time playing with her friends. Then it was on to swimming lessons for both of the kids. It was a busy day which we ended with a trip to Frankie and Bennys for Husband's birthday dinner.

On Monday, it was a rather scary walk to school and college for us as the ground was still frozen solid. Actually, it wasn't too bad as we all had pretty good shoes on. Lelli Kelly boots and Startrite shoes come highly recommended as suitable footwear for walking on the frozen snow. I managed to get away early from college although Z wasn't impressed I was there to pick him up as he usually goes to his best friend's house on a Monday after school. We came home, did the homework and had Chili con Carne for dinner. Miss C must have been hungry as she ate it all up within 5 minutes!

On Tuesday, I didn't have to go in to college until 11am so I dropped the kids off at school and headed home for a coffee. The pavements were still covered in ice so I set off for college a bit earlier than I normally would. When I got there, my work hadn't been marked so my tutor said I could go. I was in college for a grand total of five minutes! I had a DRs appointment booked so I headed to the surgery to see if I could get in a bit earlier which I did! I was back home for lunch and enjoyed the time to watch re-runs of Friends. The pavements were getting worse by school pick up time so I ended up walking on the roads most of the way. When we got home, the kids wanted to do some of the books we were sent from Everybody Learns.

On Wednesday, it was placement day. The pavements were still terrible as the ice had started to melt and then re-froze overnight. With it being still too dangerous for Husband to take his motorbike, we had to walk to school again. Even with good shoes on, Z managed to slip and fall right over on the ice. He was fine thankfully! On my way home from placement, I stuck to walking on the roads, It's scary to think that walking alongside cars is the safest way to walk right now!

On Thursday, it was my last day at my current placement. I was feeling a bit sad as I've really enjoyed my time at my placement. Husband had arranged to send flowers to me which was really lovely. When I got home, the kids were playing Minecraft...I wonder if they will ever get bored of Steve and the mooshrooms?!

On Friday, it was my day off and the heavens had finally opened! The snow and ice were cleared away by the time we needed to leave for school. I dropped the kids off and headed to Asda to get my shopping. When I got home and after I had put away the shopping, I got on with some blogging. Miss C had her best friend over after school and they had a great time playing together. They dressed up and played a game of Crazy Chef from Orchard Toys.

On Saturday, we woke up to find the entire street covered in black ice. It took Husband 45 minutes to get to work! It would normally take him 10 minutes. He took his bike as there was no way he'd get the car out of the street; he tried and it kept wheel-spinning. I wasn't chancing walking or driving to Z's Karate class so we stayed at home. The kids played whilst I got on with the mountain of ironing. In the afternoon we decided to head in to town to have a nosey around the shops and go for some tea and cake at our favourite cafe. The kids had a salted caramel cake which they really enjoyed! After dinner, we snuggled on the couch to watch a movie together.

The Black and White Photo Project #28

 photo 4d06e438-4e6a-4f3b-88b2-0c1093350397_zps361ad0e9.jpg  

My Sunday Photo 2015 #4


Saturday, 24 January 2015

365 Project 2015 Days 18 - 24

Day 18 - It was Husband's birthday
Day 19 - The pond was completely frozen
Day 20 - Walking home from school on the roads cause it was safer
Day 21 - How she still has room I never know!
Day 22 - A surprise delivery from Husband
Day 23 - Miss C wanted to go to school as a fairy princess
Day 24 - Carrot cake for our afternoon tea outing

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We Got to Build a Snowman

When I heard that the snow was going to make an appearance, I wasn't too happy. I hate snow because when the temperature drops and causes the snow to freeze, it can be really dangerous and inconvenient. If it were to stay lovely and fluffy then it wouldn't be too bad but it never does.

Thankfully the snow held off until the Friday evening of last week. I didn't need to be anywhere until Monday morning so if it snowed all weekend and then rained on Sunday evening, it would be ideal! It didn't happen like that, sadly, and only yesterday did the rain come and wash away all of the ice.

The kids were so excited to see the snow on Friday and there was enough on the ground for them to build a snowman after dinner. Husband got the shovel out and piled all the snow on to the decking. I watched for awhile before running a bath for them all (and I may have jumped in to it myself first!) as I knew they'd be freezing when they finished.

Here is their snowman creation; Olaf, of course:

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Friday, 23 January 2015

Winter Fashion From Vertbaudet

It won't be long until the Spring/Summer clothing collections start, however there is still time to get some gorgeous pieces for Winter that will keep the kids warm and looking great too.

Vertbaudet is a favourite of mine for the kids and I've had a few Winter jackets from them. Z wears one to school that is really thick and cosy. Just perfect for this horrible weather we've been having recently. They have a huge range of Winter clothes with some of them currently on sale with up to 50% off plus an extra 10% off the sale price with a special order code available on their website.

Here are some of the gorgeous outfits available on Vertbaudet right now:

Parka in dark olive from £39
White patterened jumper dress from £21
Scarf (as a set with mittens and hat) £17

Dress & leggings set from £21
Hat & scarf set £17
Ankle boots from £35

Keep an eye out for a review which I shall be publishing shortly of the fantastic Parkas available from Vertbaudet for Miss C. 

What Miss C's Been Wearing #3

I absolutely adore shopping for Miss C's clothes. Whilst Z wears jeans and a polo shirt in various colours, Miss C has a wardrobe that, quite frankly, I envy. Girls have so many more clothing options than boys do. There are dresses, jeans, leggings, jeggings, shorts, skirts, t-shirts, tops...the list goes on. But my favourite thing to see Miss C wearing is a party dress.

Miss C was at a birthday party at the weekend so it was the perfect opportunity to see her in one of her dresses.

Here's what she wore:

Next is one of my favourite places to shop for Miss C. Pretty much all of her wardrobe comes from the rails of the Next. Her cardigan, which is black with a glitter thread through it, was a gift from Bella and Pops for her Christmas in 2013. It still fits her! Her tights are also from Next. They have a great selection of party tights and these go with the cardigan perfectly as they also have a glittery thread through them. 

Her dress is from Marks and Spencers and, in fact, Bella and Pops also bought Miss C this dress for Christmas 2013. It's a sleeveless dress with a full a skirt. It comes with a bright pink belt but we decided not to bother wearing it this time. It's such a pretty dress on and could be worn in the Summer time too without the cardigan. 

Miss C's shoes are from Clarks and we bought them a few months ago as part of a review we did for Clarks. A simple pair of black patent shoes are a great addition to a girl's wardrobe as they can be worn with pretty much anything. These are also really easy to get off and on again which is vital when you are at a party with a bouncy castle. 

Thursday, 22 January 2015

What I've Been Wearing #2

It was Husband's birthday meal and it was horrible outside. The snow had turned to ice so heels were a definite no-no for my outfit. The restaurant we were heading to isn't majorly fancy but it is a dressy place so I knew I'd need to dress up a bit but I still wanted to feel warm and feel safe!

Here's what I wore:

I've had this dress for awhile. I got it from Jane Norman, probably before Z was born. It is still in fantastic condition as it's a dress I very rarely wear and because it is a bit casual yet dressy, it was perfect for wearing to dinner. 

With the ground being frozen solid, I knew high heels were not going to do well so I opted for my Fly London black patent boots. I got these boots last year and they are so comfortable even though they have a wedge heel. The rubber sole makes them ideal for walking in the snow and ice and I've been wearing them ever since. 

I went quite natural with my make-up with just a touch of foundation, some light blusher, mascara and some lip balm. I love the Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy lip balm. J'adore is one of my favourite perfumes and the one I tend to wear whenever we got out somewhere special. It's an expensive perfume however a little goes a long way. Jewellery wise, I wore my wedding and engagement rings and my Michael Kors watch. 

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Trees #TheGallery

These were the trees we passed every morning on our way to Disneyland from our hotel. The walk was so peaceful and there were trees everywhere but these ones stood out to me the most. I especially loved the orange/red one peeking out from behind the tall green one.

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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Me & You #13

It was Husband's birthday a few days ago. On Saturday, my MIL picked the kids up just before lunch and they headed out for the day, giving Husband and I the day to ourselves. We headed in to town for some shopping, lazed around in the afternoon and got ready to go out for dinner with a group of friends for his birthday.

It was a really fun night. We've been friends with our group for over 10 years and, although we don't see each other often, when we get together, the conversation flows and it's like we've never been apart. We enjoyed a really delicious dinner, a few drinks and laughed a lot. I think Husband had an excellent birthday meal with our friends.

The kids and I treated Husband to a new pair of boots for his birthday. He'd been after this particular pair for awhile but, unlike me, Husband can't ever justify spending lots of money on shoes, even if they will last him ages. Thankfully for him, he has a wife who can see the point in spending good money on excellent, well-wearing shoes. Every cloud...

But Husband is such an amazing husband and father that he deserved to be spoilt. 

Monday, 19 January 2015

Advice for New Parents from Parents

When Wee Z arrived, our life as we knew it changed completely. It's one thing being pregnant and preparing for your new baby to arrive but once they get here and you've got an actual miniature human being to look after, who relies purely on you for everything it needs, well, that's a whole different kind of reality.

It's the most amazing thing ever!

It is hard going, of course it is. You miss your sleep. You miss being able to drop everything and just go out somewhere. You miss going to the toilet with the door closed.  

You miss a LOT of things.  

Every day with a new baby is a school day. You're learning what your baby likes and what they don't like. Your baby is learning too. They are watching you to learn about movement and facial expressions. They are listening to you to learn about sounds. I read baby books about what I should do and about what I shouldn't do but ultimately; I took bits from the books and then worked out my own thing to suit my baby and me.

The SMA Nutrition B.A.B.Y (Baby Advice By You) Campaign aims to create a library of useful information and advice for new parents to view on the SMA You Tube channel. This advice will be brought to them, on film, by parents who have been there and who have their own advice, tips and tricks when it comes to looking after a newborn and being new parents.

I've been asked to create a short video of my own piece of advice. Here's my video:

SMA Nutrition is looking for more parents to join in and share their golden nuggets of advice. Perhaps you have a fantastic method to changing a nappy? A tried and tested method to get your baby off to sleep? Simply submit your piece of advice here - and you could be in with a chance of winning a makeover in London and recording your piece of advice for it to appear on the SMA Nutrition You Tube channel. Plus winners will receive a £250 voucher for a local spa of your choice.

Click here to see full terms and conditions. Competition starts today and all entries must be received by no later than midnight on Sunday, 8th February 2015.

What would your advice be to any new parent? Is it something you picked up yourself or heard from a relative or friend? 

Sunday, 18 January 2015

The Week That Was #3

Last Sunday, it was another miserable day. We stayed in our jammies until lunch time and had sausage rolls for lunch. We only got changed when it was time to go to swimming lessons which felt like a chore. The kids did well at their lessons although Miss C was more excited to see her best friend in the pool and gave her lots of cuddles.

On Monday, it was back to school and college. I had a health exam which I think I did OK with. It was all about immunisations and allergies which will now forever be imprinted in my mind. I picked the kids up from my friend's house after college. They were hyper! We came home, did the homework and had dinner.

On Tuesday, I dropped the kids off at school and made a quick dash to college. The hailstones had started as we were halfway to school! I didn't have too busy a morning at college. I finished off all of my work for this semester which meant I was free to go home at 11.30am. It was freezing walking home so I was glad to get home for a coffee. I picked the kids up and we came home to get cosy. The kids played Minecraft (I really don't get it!) and I made dinner. After dinner, hot water bottles were made and showers were had to get snug for bedtime.

On Wednesday, it was placement day. I dropped the kids off at school in the hail. The road in our street was covered in snow and ice and, as we live at the bottom of a hill, there was no way I was going to get my car, in all its rear-wheel drive glory, out of my street. The bad weather never came to anything much and it was raining by mid-morning. When I got home, the kids were playing Minecraft again. They love it!

On Thursday, it was my second day of placement. It was a wild walk to school with the wind blowing a gale but at least it wasn't raining. The kids were playing when I got in so I got on with some housework and then we had dinner together. It was macaroni and cheese for tea!

On Friday, I dropped the kids off at school and headed to the shops. It was pretty chilly. I came home, put the shopping away and got on with some work. I took a break to make a coffee and there it was. The snow. I got a phone call from the school at lunch time to say Miss C wasn't feeling well so I picked her up. She was fine but did go back to bed for an hour and a half. Thankfully the snow had stopped and it was raining so the roads were clear and I went to pick Z up in the car. By the time we got home, the snow had returned. I was feeling pretty worried for Husband, who was on his motorbike! He made it home in one piece thankfully. After dinner, there was enough snow to build a snowman! The kids were delighted.

On Saturday, it was horrid outside. Thankfully Karate had been called off as the building wasn't able to open due to the weather. The kids went to their Gran's house for the day so Husband and I headed in to town to get some things and then we got ready to go out for dinner with friends for Husband's birthday. We went to a lovely restaurant and had a very civilised evening (which isn't like us!) and ate lots of yummy food. We had a great time.

The Black and White Photo Project #27

My Sunday Photo 2015 #3


Saturday, 17 January 2015

365 Project 2015 Days 11 - 17

Day 11 - A game of Mousetrap 
Day 12 - Felix was getting cosy as I was getting ready to get up
Day 13 - Look at those clouds
Day 14 - Walking to school in the dark and in the snow
Day 15 - Definitely a night for a hot water bottle
Day 16 - We got to build a snowman!
Day 17 - Miss C waiting for Gran to arrive to take her out for the day

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