Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Everybody Learns Lexia Reading Program - Review

We recently received quite a few workbooks aimed at both Miss C and Z from Everybody Learns to review. Everybody Learns is a group of teachers who believe they can make a difference to a child's learning. They use the Lexia Reading program which is used worldwide but in only 10% of UK schools. The program focuses on learning phonics in a fun way. The books we received are designed by teachers and they aim to develop phonic skills through a variety of structured reading and writing activities.

Miss C is currently learning to read at school. She has learnt all of her sounds using the Jolly Phonics program. She took to it quite quickly however she'll only read when she feels like it. So I was really surprised when she picked up one of her workbooks and started working her way through it herself. Miss C received the Lexia Reading and Writing Workbooks for Younger Children, Levels 1-4. Each level has 2 workbooks with an average of 49 pages. Miss C loved all the pictures in the books and wanted to colour them all in when she had finished each page.

Here's a bit about what each level focuses on:

Level 1 - Letter formation (a-z), matching sounds to letters (a-z), reading and spelling three and four letter words.
Level 2 - Reading and spelling words with blends (FR in frog, NG in wing), reading and spelling words containing digraphs (CH in chop, SH in fish) and reading and writing sentences.
Level 3 - Reading and spelling words with a silent "e", learning the meaning of words and comprehension questions.
Level 4 - Reading and spelling words containing vowel digraphs (OI in point, OA in float), reading and spelling two syllable words and further comprehension questions.

The books are well put together and have a lot of repetition in order to reinforce the learning the child is doing. Each page has something slightly different though to keep the child engaged. Miss C has been working her way through the first workbook and it's amazing to see just how much she knows from what she has learnt at school.

Z couldn't wait to get stuck in to his books; the Level 3 and Level 4 Lexia Strategies for Older Students Reading and Writing Workbooks. There are 2 books in each level (Level 1-4) with an average of 50 pages in each book. Z is working his way through the Level 3 books confidently.

Here's a bit about what these two levels focus on:

Level 3 - Reading and spelling words with suffixes (jumper or rusty), reading and spelling two syllable words and reading paragraphs and stories.
Level 4 - Reading paragraphs of information and answering comprehension questions.

Everybody Learns also have an interactive course called the Lexia Home Reading Course that you can subscribe to and use on a computer, laptop, Mac, iPad and most Android tablets. There are various subscription packages that you can buy which will then give you access to the Lexia Home Reading Course to use straightaway. The workbooks can be used alongside the course too!

For the complete set of workbooks, they are currently priced at £24.99 for the Level 1-4 books aimed at older children. The complete set for younger children is currently sold out however you can buy individual levels which contain 2 workbooks for £8.48. I feel these are quite reasonably priced for the quality and content of the workbooks.

I love workbooks like these that I can use at home with the kids. I tend to bulk buy workbooks just before the Summer holidays so the kids can carry on with some work during the break. I think it's important for them to keep their brains active.

We received these workbooks for the purposes of a review. The opinions expressed are my own. 

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