Friday, 30 January 2015

Keeping Warm with Vertbaudet - Review

Last week I wrote a post about some of the gorgeous Winter clothes available from Vertbaudet and mentioned that we would be reviewing some of their pieces. Well, we've received some lovely items and the kids have been feeling cosy whilst the snow has been falling.

First up are the accessories. I don't let the kids leave the house for school without a hat, scarf and gloves on at the moment, which they hate of course. Too many things for them to carry about at school apparently. But they do need them because it is so cold and it isn't fun having really cold hands and heads!

I love the colour lilac/purple on Miss C; I think she really suits it. She's been looking for a snood for ages and I have to agree that it is much easier for her to put on than a scarf is. It also means she won't be using it as a lead for playing dogs at school. The mittens are really cute and I love that they can be opened up and buttoned back to make fingerless gloves; really handy for eating snack in the playground. Z's hat, scarf and glove set are such a beautiful and unusual colour combination, which is great when every single boy in your class is wearing a navy or black hat, scarf and glove set. They also remind him of his favourite character Dennis the Menace, even though they aren't black and red. 

The hat, snood and mittens set costs £17 and are available in lilac, grey marl and olive for age 2 up to age 14. 

The hat, scarf and gloves set costs £17 and available in age 2 to age 14.

I'm a huge fan of Vertbaudet jackets, so much so that we have quite a collection. They are always so well made and great for whatever weather we need them for. They wash really well too. They have handy pockets and are easy to fasten or zip up and often have really handy extras like being reversible or, like this one, which has a detachable fleece body warmer. 

This 3-in-1 parka is available in plum, petrol blue (which is the one we have), orange and fuchsia print. The hood comes with a removable fur trim which is great as I hate when it rains and the fur gets wet. It tends to stick to your face which is really not nice. The parka is made with showerproof fabric so rain doesn't go through the coat, making it damp on Miss C. There is also a reflective patch at the back of the parka for visibility which is really great as we're still walking to school in the dark some mornings. 

This is an age 6 on Miss C, who currently wears an age 4 jacket from another company to school. It fits really well and there is still room for her to grow in to it. She was delighted to wear it along with her hat, snood and mittens. I think they go well together too! 

The 3-in-1 Parka costs £35 and is available in age 2 up to age 14. Vertbaudet also stock a good range of jackets for boys too. 

Another way to keep warm in the Winter is by layering tops. The kids will usually have a vest, a long sleeve top and a jumper on if we're going out in the cold.

This hooded sweater from Vertbaudet is really soft and cosy but not too heavy; it's just right! I love the red trim around the hood and the cute heart motif on the chest. This is an age 6 and is still a bit big for Miss C to wear just now but will do her good at horse riding to wear over her body protector. It's available in two colours; strawberry or cream and costs £22. You can buy it from age 2 to age 14. 

Vertbaudet have a fantastic sale on their Winter items just with up to 60% off. With the cold weather not looking like it's going to leave us any time soon, I might need to get stocking up. 

We received these items of clothing from Vertbaudet for the purposes of a review. The opinions expressed are my own. 

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