Saturday, 10 January 2015

Sibling Moments #13

This photo was taken on Christmas Day. Miss C wasn't too keen on a kiss from her big brother. Z is always looking out for his sister and takes good care of her...most of the time. They wind each other up something rotten some days.

Thankfully, they played well together during the two week Christmas break. They played games and watched films together. They shared toys and books and helped each other when they went to a baking class to make treats for Santa.

On Christmas morning, Miss C ran straight in to Z's room to check if he was awake. They ran downstairs together and took interest in the others presents. And when they both found out they had gotten tablets for their Christmas, they shared a new bond...

Here they are, on Monday, enjoying their tablets. Not together as such but still in close proximity! 

dear beautiful

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