Tuesday, 27 January 2015

What I've Been Wearing #4

At the weekend I tend to laze about in my clothes I call my "comfies". I'll remove the "comfies" and replace them with jeans and a top for swimming lessons or if we go out anywhere during the day but otherwise, I'm lounging from Friday through to Sunday.

Last Sunday I attended the 2015 brochure launch for Darceys. I knew I couldn't turn up there in my "comfies" so here's what I wore:

I'd been hunting for a leather (faux) jacket for awhile during the Summer. I had seen a couple in New Look but it was this one in Lispy that caught my eye. I bought it for my birthday in October so I haven't had the chance to wear it out often. 

My dress I actually picked up in the New Look sale on Saturday for a grand total of £5.00. I love the shape a skater dress gives me. I have quite a straight frame apart from my boobs so I love how a skater dress make me look more hour glass shaped. They are also great for hiding a post-Christmas belly!

I tend not to shop in Primark often because I don't think the clothes last at all and the shop nearest us is quite faraway. Having said that, I've had these leggings for a little while now and they still look like new. I always wear leggings under my dresses in the Winter as they are much warmer than tights. 

Husband got me these biker style ankle boots for Christmas. I'd been after a pair for ages and I think these just pull the outfit together. I'm a bit of a rock chick so these are a favourite of mine to wear with my dresses or with skinny jeans and a vest top. 

Perfume wise I had to go with Pomegranate Noir by Jo Malone since I was off to a Darceys event. Darceys Noir is one of my favourite scented melts as it is just like Pomegranate Noir. As I was going to swimming lessons after the event, I didn't bother with any make-up as the waiting area is roasting! I just stuck to some of my favourite Vaseline lipbalm to add a touch of pink to my lips. 

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