Friday, 23 January 2015

What Miss C's Been Wearing #3

I absolutely adore shopping for Miss C's clothes. Whilst Z wears jeans and a polo shirt in various colours, Miss C has a wardrobe that, quite frankly, I envy. Girls have so many more clothing options than boys do. There are dresses, jeans, leggings, jeggings, shorts, skirts, t-shirts, tops...the list goes on. But my favourite thing to see Miss C wearing is a party dress.

Miss C was at a birthday party at the weekend so it was the perfect opportunity to see her in one of her dresses.

Here's what she wore:

Next is one of my favourite places to shop for Miss C. Pretty much all of her wardrobe comes from the rails of the Next. Her cardigan, which is black with a glitter thread through it, was a gift from Bella and Pops for her Christmas in 2013. It still fits her! Her tights are also from Next. They have a great selection of party tights and these go with the cardigan perfectly as they also have a glittery thread through them. 

Her dress is from Marks and Spencers and, in fact, Bella and Pops also bought Miss C this dress for Christmas 2013. It's a sleeveless dress with a full a skirt. It comes with a bright pink belt but we decided not to bother wearing it this time. It's such a pretty dress on and could be worn in the Summer time too without the cardigan. 

Miss C's shoes are from Clarks and we bought them a few months ago as part of a review we did for Clarks. A simple pair of black patent shoes are a great addition to a girl's wardrobe as they can be worn with pretty much anything. These are also really easy to get off and on again which is vital when you are at a party with a bouncy castle. 

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