Tuesday, 17 February 2015

A Lunch Filled with Love

One of my favourite things to do is go out for a meal with Husband and the kids. It's a real treat to go out somewhere nice and enjoy a meal that hasn't been cooked by me. Not that I'm a terrible cook; I think I'm getting pretty good (on the basis I haven't poisoned anyone!) but it is nice to have a night off from making dinner. The kids love it too. We've been doing it since they were babies and because of that I'm quite confident that we can take them pretty much anywhere and know they'll behave and clear their plates.

For Valentines Day, we decided to book a meal at one of our favourite restaurants. It's really pretty inside, with splashes of pinks, purples, silvers and a mustard gold in their colour scheme. The food is always really tasty. They only serve Scottish, seasonal foods and everything is prepared to order meaning service isn't exactly quick but it does give you time to chat and enjoy the atmosphere and experience.

We met up with two of our friends whom the kids adore. They were so excited that they were coming along with us.

The restaurant do a great Express Lunch menu where you can have a main course for £7.95, 2 courses for £10.95 or three courses for £13.95. It's such great value for money and they have a good selection of dishes to choose from. The children's menu is 2 courses for £6.95 and again, it has a great variety of children's favourites, freshly prepared.

The kids both chose spaghetti bolognaise and sticky toffee pudding for their lunch. Husband and I chose the cajun chicken which is my favourite meal in this restaurant, aside from a steak of course. It comes with rice, a little salsa and a cajun sauce which tastes amazing.

Miss C and Z wolfed down their spaghetti. I had a little taste of Miss C's and it was really yummy. 

Our friends had chicken tempura and a king prawn linguine which all looked fantastic. That's the great thing about dining with friends; you can nosy at their plates of food and decide if you want to try something different next time. 

Z is like me; he loves a good pudding. I'm not a fan of sticky toffee pudding but the kids and Husband love it. It came with a toffee ice cream in a brandy snap basket. It didn't take them long to eat it.

I had the lemon cheesecake which was almost too pretty to eat. I say almost. I devoured it!

We didn't need any dinner that evening. We were all stuffed. But what a great afternoon we had.

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