Monday, 2 February 2015

A New Swimming Award

On Sunday, Miss C started her new block of swimming lessons in her new swimming class! Two weekends ago, we found out that Miss C was being moved up to the next class. Personally I couldn't believe it as Miss C, although she can swim and swim well, often doesn't try the best she could.

Her teacher told me he was moving her up to challenge her. Miss C is now one of the weakest swimmers in her lesson but she definitely needs the challenge to keep her moving forward.

Miss C was delighted to know she was moving up but very sad to be leaving her best friend behind. She sat and cheered her on today whilst Z was in his lesson in the big pool. The draw back of Miss C moving up means instead of only being in the pool area for 30 minutes, I'm back to being there for an's a long, hot hour.

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