Monday, 16 February 2015

A Toddler Bed

This photo brings back so many memories of Miss C as she entered the toddler years. She was such a good toddler. Of course she had the occasional temper tantrum, (what toddler doesn't) but compared to her brother, who used to get so frustrated he'd scream and scream, she was an angel.

Part of becoming a toddler is moving from the cot-bed to a mini bed made just for them: The Toddler Bed. Miss C was so excited to sleep in her new bed when Daddy had finished building it. She got straight in it, still wearing her dress, tights and top and said "night, night!" as she lay down for a sleep.

The first night in her toddler bed, Miss C realised she had freedom she had never had before; she could get out of the bed herself. It took a few times of taking her back to bed and tucking her in for her to fall asleep that night.

She looked so cute in her toddler bed though we forgave her for it.

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