Sunday, 1 February 2015

An Afternoon of Cake and Coffee

Whilst some weekends I could just stay in the house all day, cuddled up on the couch, watching movies or re-runs of Friends, there are those weekends where we just have to get out of the house and do something.

Often we'll go for a walk to the park and go exploring and enjoy the fresh air or we'll head to the city centre and go shopping and have lunch together. Then there are those days where you just need the comforts from home but in a different setting. That's just what we needed last weekend.

We headed in to town to one of our favourite little cafes. Miss C and I used to go there a lot when she was in nursery and we had the afternoon to ourselves. We would have soup for lunch and then cake and coffee (coffee just for me of course!) for afters and it was so much fun.

The cafe is so pretty and inviting. We sat right up at the back of the cafe and we had the full area to ourselves. The kids decided they wanted a salted caramel cake to share. Husband opted for a smoothie and a raspberry ripple cake whilst I had my favourite...carrot cake.

I love these quirky glasses for the kids! I really want to find some for our house.

I always have a latte when I'm out but the cafe specialises in all sorts of weird and wonderful coffee combinations. Once I had a honeycomb, creamy, caramel was so good and I didn't need any sugar in it!

The cafe also has a gift shop and it displays some of their goodies around the cafe. I love this cute picture frame. I think it would look perfect in Miss C's room. 

Our trip to the cafe was the perfect way to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon out of the house but still enjoying some home comforts. 

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