Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Health and Fitness #TheGallery

As a family, we like to keep fit. I regularly exercise and walk pretty much everywhere unless it's raining or I'm going food shopping. It's so important to get regular physical activity in your day and it's a habit I want to instill in the kids too.

Z goes to Karate at least once a week which he loves. He's been going since he was four and is really coming on. In fact, he has been invited to take part in his blue belt grading in a few weeks time.

Husband is a gym goer. He trains with weights and does cardio on the running machines. Sometimes he'll go in to the pool and swim a few lengths. He wants to start running again. He used to run with a local team but gave up when he started working longer hours.

Then there's Miss C and her "keep fit" hobby. Her horse riding.

Miss C adores horse riding and she is a complete natural. Her rising trot technique is one of the best I've ever seen and one of the best her instructor has ever seen. She is so confident and trusting on the horses. Horse riding is such a great way to keep fit as it really works your core, your bum and your thighs. I can remember when I used to go riding that my legs and bum would ache for days after. 

Seeing Miss C's love for horse riding is making me want to go back. It is such a fun way to be healthy and keep up your fitness levels. 

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