Saturday, 28 February 2015

Me & Mine 2015 - February

February. The month of love and pancakes.

It has definitely been the month of love as we witnessed my brother-in-law get married to his beautiful new wife. We now have a sister-in-law!

Our photo this month was taken by a friend when we visited the local country park. We found this den which looks amazing and the kids had a good go at exploring the inside of it.

For me, February has been a busy month. At the end of January, I started semester two of my college course and that meant an extra 3 hours at college on a Tuesday. I am missing my half day but I'm keeping up with the work load and that's the most important part. I'll get to sleep and chill out during the Summer holidays which will be a total of 11 weeks for me! I can't wait.

Husband has been working hard, as always. He enjoyed a rare night out for his brother's stag do. They went to Viva Brazil in the city centre for a meal filled with different kinds of meat. Husband definitely had the meat sweats when he got home. He didn't stay to see the dancing ladies as he had work the following day. He made up for his early night at the wedding though, enjoying as much of the free drink as he could.

Z has enjoyed a few social occasions of his own. He's had afternoons with his best friend both at our house and his house. The half term holidays offered Z the opportunity to play more Minecraft (his favourite!) and attend Karate camp which he loved. His best friend turned 9 this month and they had a fun afternoon of laser tag and bowling with two of their other friends. The boy has a better social life than me!

Miss C loved being off school for half term. She definitely doesn't take after her brother, who is quite happy to be in school but also enjoys the time off. Miss C lives for the weekend. She often says on a Monday "is it Friday tomorrow?" If only it went that quick! Miss C and I took a trip to a local shopping centre for a girly day out. She got to choose a new friend from her favourite place, Build a Bear. She also enjoyed days with her best friend.

I suspect next month will be just as busy as February but we'll be looking forward to winding down for Easter holidays!

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