Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Robopop: A Dad in a Box - Book Review

We were recently sent some great new picture books from Maverick Books to review and we couldn't wait to read them all. The first book we chose to read was Robopop: A Dad in a Box.

Robopop: A Dad in a Box is written by Alice Hemming who has also written The Black and White Club and Bibble and the Bubbles. The book is illustrated  by James Lent.

This is the story of Dylan and Daisy who both wish their Dad would do more "dad things" such as playing football with them. Instead, their Dad likes to invent things which is kind of embarrassing for Dylan and Daisy. Dad decides to build a robot dad, who gives them plenty of exercise and likes to make them work hard.

At first Dylan and Daisy are delighted with their Robopop. He's great at football and likes to win and he's great at pushing them really high on the swings. Eventually Robopop gets a bit annoying and Dylan and Daisy can't wait to turn him off. It makes them realise that their Dad is just perfect as he is. It's a lovely story to teach children that everyone is special and unique in their own way and that we should appreciate them for who they are and not what we want them to be.

The book is full of really quirky illustrations and it is bright and colourful. Miss C loved spotting where Dad was hiding on each page and what funny costume he was disguised in. The story was really easy to follow and it is a book I could see Miss C trying to read herself in a few months time.

Robopop: A Dad in a Box is available to buy from Amazon.

We received Robopop: A Dad in a Box for the purposes of a review. The opinions expressed are my own.

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