Friday, 13 March 2015

A Fairytale Castle

Miss C came home with a letter in her bag within her homework folder. These sorts of letters spark fear in me because I'm rubbish when it comes to crafts. Give me ingredients and I'll bake you anything! Give me craft jobs and I'll run a mile.

This is why Miss C and Z are so very lucky to have an engineer for a dad. Husband is brilliant when it comes to making things. He's very particular and has to make sure everything is just right but that's his engineer's mind working overtime.

The task in the letter? Make a fairytale castle to bring to school for the fairytale project.

So Miss C and Daddy set to work on her fairytale castle a few weeks ago. They used an old shoe box, some long cardboard tubes, coloured paper, spray paint, glue, glitter, regular paint and stickers. They even made a fountain a la Frozen.

We took the castle to school on Thursday and Miss C was delighted with it. It's about the same size as her so I had to carry it for her but she managed to hold it for a few seconds to get a photo.

A fountain just like the one from Frozen made with a lid, blue glitter and glue and purple and white pipe cleaners. 

Miss C had a sticker book full of fairytale inspired stickers which she stuck around the sides of the castle. We also had to make the river sparkly. 

A working drawbridge however there wouldn't have been enough give to put string on the drawbridge so we had to leave it off. 

A fairytale castle fit for any Princess.

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