Sunday, 8 March 2015

A First Steak Dinner

Once a month, Husband and I like to treat ourselves to a fillet steak from our local butcher. Steak is something that I love to have if we eat out however paying £25+ for a steak dinner in a restaurant compared to paying £13 for 2 good sized fillet steaks to be cooked at home...well you do the math!

We've gotten pretty good at cooking steak. It's a tricky thing to get right and if you overcook a piece of steak (we're medium rare here) then it just ruins the meat. I can't believe I ever used to have a well-done steak when I was younger.

When we buy steak, we buy the kids a chicken breast each. I'll serve the meat or chicken with potatoes, vegetables and peppercorn sauce. The recipe I have for peppercorn sauce is delicious. Sometimes I keep a little bit and use it for dipping stuff in to later crackers. So good!

But recently, whenever we've had steak, the kids have been asking to have a little bit. I wasn't keen at first because I don't really like sharing my steak we do only cook ours a little and I thought it might put them off or make them ill. We let them try some of the outer bits of the steak and they loved it. On Christmas Day, when we had steak and they had pasta and pizza, they ate quite a few bits of ours. Z in particular really, really enjoyed it.

So we decided to get them a steak of their own this weekend. We asked our butcher which cut of meat would be best and he suggested rib eye or a fillet. The rib eye didn't look that great and the kids aren't keen on big bits of fat so we got them a small piece of fillet each. Even buying 4 steaks at £23 was cheaper than going out for a steak dinner for one.

I presented their dinner to them last night and they cleared their plates. I did cook their steaks slightly longer (sacrilege) so they were almost well-done but they still had a bit of ours and said ours tasted much better.

For pudding, we had apple crumble and custard. It was delicious.

I hated the weaning stage when they were babies with the hassle of cooking separate meals and getting them to try new things. I much prefer these day when the kids are willing to try anything and are really enjoying good quality food.

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